Prime Minister of Mersin gave YHT gospel

Prime Minister Mersin gave the YHT good news: Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu attended the AK Party 5th Ordinary Provincial Congress in Mersin, Edip Burhan Sports Hall.
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Mersin-related projects told.
This line will be connected to Mersin at the latest in 2016 ”
“Konya, the city where I was born, will pass through the Taurus Mountains and will be connected to Mersin by high-speed train via Karaman in 2016 at the latest. Istanbul-Konya-Karaman-Mersin will be connected with this project. The nomads of the nomads, the children of the nomads who came up with camels and sheep, and their grandchildren will go to Konya by going to Konya from Konya by high-speed train. But the high-speed train will not stop here, it will go from Mersin to Osmaniye, Adana, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa Habur. This is the project of the brotherhood of the nation, our Kurdish brothers and Turkmen brothers, who came from there, will cross over the Taurus Mountains from Konya to Mersin, cross Çukurova to Mersin and reach Şanlıurfa through Gaziantep. This is the biggest national unity and togetherness project. While someone is trying to bring enmity between us, we will say 'Turkish, Kurd is eternally brother, he will be brother'. ”
Prime Minister Davutoğlu stated that some of the politicians in Mersin excluded the other on behalf of one party, but the AK Party did not.
Davutoğlu said “We also declare Mersin as a city of eternal brotherhood” and emphasized that those who represent every corner of this country, regardless of origin, sect, will always be brothers and will be brothers until the apocalypse.


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