Balkan Cup competitions started in Arkut

Arkut in the Balkans Cup began competitions: Competitions with Turkey, Bulgaria, athletes from Romania and Greece in terms of Bolu and Geremi, in the sports area of ​​the organization can be considered as a window to Europe, 4 Balkan countries (Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece) about 100 respondents associate with that It will take place.

Turkey Ski Federation Presidency 2015 B League season Located in the calendar Ski Cross Competition was held at Arkut Geremi Mountain. Then the 21-23 January 2015 International Ski Competition Balkan Cup will be held in our district. The track, which is located on the Arkad Mountain, is the first ski run track registered in Turkey by the International Ski Federation (FIS).

In January, Gerede will host an international organization in ski runs. 20-23 Skiing between the dates of January 2015 FIS Balkan Competition began at Gerede Arkut Ski Run. Mount Gerut; 1600 - 1900 is the most suitable altitude for skiing sports, covered with fir trees and located at an altitude of 9 and is the best suitable for this sport. (15 min) is located at a distance.

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