Minister Elvan answered questions about high-speed train works

Minister Elvan answered questions about the high-speed train works: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan made important statements on the television program. Minister Elvan, high-speed trains in the freight transport will be done, Ankara-Konya between the travel time will be shorter, he said.
Minister Elvan answered Mehmet Acet's questions regarding the agenda and the work of the ministry in the "Capital Tower" program on Channel 7.
Minister Elvan answered a question about high-speed train services and stated that there is a high demand for high-speed train and the satisfaction rate has increased to 98 percent.
Emphasizing that the second important issue that will emphasize the importance of the passengers' comfortable travel is freight transportation, Elvan said, “We will also use these high-speed trains in transportation. In particular, it is extremely important to increase the competitive power of our industry and to lower the costs even more.
Let's say from Istanbul that a citizen who wants to export to Iraq will be able to reach Habur until Iraq. ”
Elvan, Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Eskisehir, Konya-Istanbul lines, said they did not do any harm, said:
“We will give more weight to railways, especially from this year. If you look at the amount of allowance we have already allocated for the railways, we will see this very clearly. We foresee an investment of 2015 billion lira in 9, which started from a few billion lira. The amount of allowance we will allocate to railways in 2016 will be more than the amount we will allocate to highways. Our priority will change. As of today, 12 different roads worth approximately 60 billion liras are ready for opening. We have dozens of tunnel openings, again highways and divided road openings. But it is not very possible for us to go to all of them, maybe we can think of a collective opening. "
Elvan Ankara-Sivas between high-speed train continues to work on the work, 12 hours of travel time will reduce the 2 hours, he said.
In the 2015, Elvan said that they would start the construction of Sivas-Erzincan line and gave the following information:
“Later, our connection will reach Erzincan-Erzurum and from there to Kars. As you already know, works are continuing on the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku line, the route we call Silk Railway project will be connected there. Our Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway project will be completed by the end of 2015. Another important project of ours is our railway project connecting Ankara to Izmir. Our construction work continues. Our construction works continue between Afyonkarahisar and Polatlı. Our goal is of course to open the Ankara-Izmir line in 2017. But we will have an effort, such as using all our means and maybe opening it before its time. We made the tender for the part from Afyonkarahisar to Uşak Banaz. Our work on three separate projects between Uşak Banaz, Uşak-Bana-Eşme, again between Eşme-Salihli and Turgutlu, Salihli-Turgutlu is about to be completed. We will participate in the construction tenders of the section up to Turgutlu in 2015.
Another important project of ours, I would like to mention it. Our high-speed train line connecting Istanbul to Kapıkule and to Kapıkule via Edirne. We will be bidding for this in 2015. We are completing the high speed train line between Konya and Karaman in 2015. We are starting the construction works of the section from Karaman to Mersin-Adana. I hope we will hit Mersin-Adana's high-speed train construction dig this month. All tender work is finished, the contract has been signed. Starting from Adana, we will have the tenders of Adana-Osmaniye, Osmaniye-Gaziantep, Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa lines in 2015. In the East-Southeast, we descend from Gaziantep to Şanlıurfa. After Şanlıurfa, we will take this high-speed train to Habur. We have a project like this for the Black Sea. From Samsun to Çorum, from Çorum to Yozgat Yerköy, from Yozgat Yerköy to Kırşehir, from Kırşehir to Aksaray, from Aksaray to Ulukışla, Mersin and Adana. In other words, we will connect Samsun and the Black Sea with the Mediterranean by high speed train. "
Elvan stated that they will increase the high speed train service in Konya by the end of February and that they will activate a new train set and that these trains will be able to speed up to 325, thus shortening the travel time between Ankara and Konya.
Elvan emphasized that the feasibility study of 1 kilometers from Sincan to Köseköy for a high-speed train line that will travel 15 hour and 280 minutes from Ankara to Istanbul, said, “This high-speed train is just over 350 it seems to be able to speed up, and the fiscal investment of about $ 4,5-5 billion. After saying that we want to realize this within the framework of the build-operate-transfer model, many companies demanded us. In this context, we want to realize with the build-operate-transfer model. Of course, he must have a suitor, he is a must for us. We have intensified our work. ”


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