His father's companion 60 donated the annual straw bags to the museum

His father's companion donated 60-year-old straw bags to the museum: Musharraf Demirkaya Kaban, who lives in Istanbul, handed two 60-year-old straw bags used by his father to the Bandırma Station Directorate to be exhibited in Izmir Museum and Art Gallery.
Kaban, in a statement to the AA reporter, said that they had kept the two straw bags from his father Musa Kazım Demirkaya, who worked on the Bandırma-İzmir line between 1952 and 1972 at TCDD for years.
Stating that the bags that reminded her father's memory and remind of the old times were once a companion of TCDD personnel, Kaban said, “My mother used to prepare this bag for my father before the trip. It makes me very happy that these historical items will be exhibited in a museum. I am more peaceful now. It's a big day for me. "The spouse and children of the railway staff will remember their past with these."
Kaban delivered the Bandırma Station Director Deputy Önder Akbaş and his deputy Ahmet Akdağ to be sent to İzmir Museum and Art Gallery of TCDD.
Akdağ stated that the staff working at TCDD put food, alcohol stove, clothes and other materials into these bags that they used on the roads, and that they would send the bags entrusted to İzmir as soon as possible.
Akbaş also thanked Kaban and said, “Your sensitivity to make history in our museum is extremely important by bringing these bags to us instead of throwing them away. I think that these materials, which are now in history, will be important for the young personnel working within TCDD to see the conditions of those days, and that they will give them a pleasure to work. ”


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