Babacan: We will connect Mersin with Ankara and Istanbul

Babacan: We will connect Ankara and Istanbul with high-speed train: Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, Mersin, deserving of the investments deserved to reach as soon as possible to specify the desired ethics, Mersin and Istanbul through Konya high-speed train to connect to Ankara and the project will be completed within a few years, he said Çaba There have been some technical problems related to the International Regional Airport, but the Minister of Transport has made a lot of effort to continue the construction with a new structure and a new fiction. “
Deputy Prime Minister Babacan, Mersin Entrepreneur Businessmen's Association (Mersin GİAD) organized the second in this year's 'Golden Castle Awards' attended the ceremony. Mersin GSE Chairman Alper Gursoy, hosted a ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Babacan if their investments perform in Mersin in the coming period, stressed that it is extremely important for Mersin province of Turkey. Mersin is a port city and logistics is immediately come to mind, Mersin is also an industrial and agricultural city that expresses Babacan, 3 university, said that now become an educational city. Mersin is an important junction point in this respect and has a significant potential for a province that expresses Babacan, Mersin GİAD's number of members in a short time of the proliferation of the city's dynamic structure, showing that the economy is alive, he said.
Mr. Babacan, who has listed what he will do and will do about Mersin, stated that they have learned that especially the industrial zone is inadequate and said, sanayi We will work to make a more detailed planning in Ankara about Organized Industrial Zone. We came together with the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, but when the urgent issue came, he returned to Ankara. We also have an important project to connect Mersin to Ankara and Istanbul via high-speed train. We hope that this will be completed in a few years, not too long, if there is not a technical problem. There will be an important point in the train line that extends from the Southeast to the Southeast Anatolia and from there to Istanbul. Buradan
Underlining that they attach great importance to the project of Mersin connecting with highways, Babacan will also start to build the build-operate-transfer model in the next period, which will connect Ankara to the south, and this will be completed in 4-5 years. Thus, we want Mersin to get the investments it deserves as soon as possible. There were some technical problems with the International Regional Airport, but our Minister of Transport is making an intense effort to continue the construction from where it left off with a new structure and a new setup. ”
Özdemir Çakacak, the governor of Mersin, referred to the chessboard, which is the theme of the award ceremony, and said that the most important stone that protects vizier and king in chess is the fortress, while the castles symbolize trust, power and solidity in the historical process. Çakacak, mümkün The sustainability of development and development of countries is possible through the joint efforts of state-private sector and non-governmental organizations. In this joint effort, the contribution of a strong and secure private sector and civil society, such as 'the fortress', to the development is increasing day by day. As Mersin, we are contributing to our country's 1 billion dollar export target with an increase in exports with 800 billion 20 million dollar export figures and 2023 increase with 500. N
Mersin GİAD President Gürsoy said that as young businessmen, they spent more than last year working on the production of goods and services, and they were trying to contribute not only to economic life but also to social and cultural life with its members exceeding the number of 400. Babacan also found in some demand Gursoy, he said: "Turkey's 7. the big city Mersin unfortunately cannot use much of its potential. Logistics, a city of citrus, a candidate city for tourism, has several projects to be completed. We expect the support of the airport, Antalya Karoluyu, Kazanlı project, where we dreamed of the completion of the construction as soon as possible. For the future of Mersin and our country, 3 has an important issue. The first is the automotive production base, which is among the potential of Çukurova. We have every facility from the necessary iron and steel factory to the appropriate land, from the close port to the sufficient labor force. We are ready to host Turkey's first indigenous car. The second one is Mersin's nomination for European Capital of Culture. We expect support from our government and local government. In addition, savings should be made into the education policy of the state. Ayrıca
Young Businessmen's Confederation of Turkey (TÜGİK) Chairman Erkan Gural also made in his speech, pointing out that the private sector takes place in Turkey's growth, "TÜGİK, know the importance of peace and stability. We all wish for the continuation of stability and peace. For peace and stability, our reform fire should never be diminished. H
After the speeches, Gürsoy was given an honorary award by Deputy Prime Minister Babacan, while Babacan awarded the 8 name from the economy to the brand, from history to the master pens and sports, which were deemed worthy of the award at the ödül Golden Castle Awards Konuş.

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