Atatürk Airport closes

Atatürk Airport closes
Atatürk Airport closes

Atatürk Airport is being closed: According to the report of the Court of Accounts, Ataturk Airport will be closed to scheduled flights at 2018. General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) 2013 Annual Report According to the 2018 Annual Report, the airport will be closed to scheduled flights at XNUMX, the end of the first phase of the new airport to be built in Istanbul.


In the report of the TCA, TAV Investment A.Ş. was built by. ”The operating rights of the domestic terminal terminal building and general aviation terminal were transferred to the 3 Billion 740 for a thousand dollars, and the rental period will end in 3 January 2021“, the report said, X together with the international terminal building and the car park.

The tender for the Istanbul New Airport project was awarded to 25 Billion 22 million Euros plus VAT for the 152-year operational period of the LİMAK, KOLİN, CENGİZ, MAPA, KALYON Joint Venture. kazan“The first phase of the airport will be completed in 42 months at the latest. Atatürk Airport will be closed to scheduled flights in 2018, when the new airport will be opened. No specific decision has been made about the purpose for which the airport will be used after 2018.


In the report, the operating company has paid a rent fee of 139 Million 877 thousand 444 dollars every year to DHMI. In case of termination of the contract with the company 2018-2021 3 to be collected between the years of rent of approximately 520 million dollars will be deprived of rental income esh statements.


The new airport will be composed of 150 independent runway with 6 million passenger capacity. The following information was included: 316 351 12 689 761 6 million euros in a year 300 guaranteed a million euros. If this happens below the income, the difference will be paid to the DHMİ company. Bu

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