Asphalt Studies of the Mediterranean Municipality Continues

Asphalt Works of the Akdeniz Municipality in Progress: The Directorate of Science Works of Akdeniz Municipality continues its asphalt pavement and patch works initiated in the neighborhoods.
Akdeniz Municipality continues its asphalt pavement and patching works for roads that have been deteriorated for various reasons or have completed their useful life. Determining the deficiencies in the neighborhoods located in different parts of the city, the Directorate of Science Affairs, the district headmen and citizens asphalt demands are evaluated. Science Works teams working in the neighborhoods where there is an urgent need were transferred to the neighborhood of. In the neighborhood of the first step in the neighborhood of the four teams engaged in the work of the asphalt patch, the other streets in the region also identified the lack of program.
In the statement he made on the subject, Akdeniz Municipality Co-Vice President Hakim Baykara stated that the existing infrastructure deficiencies of the district, which had grown more than 6 times over 10 years ago, have increased to the same extent. Despite this, Baykara emphasized that the municipality has achieved important services in this area with limited budget opportunities and underlined that the public transportation safety is the priority of the public and said, “We care that both the residents and the business community in our region have a comfortable, comfortable and safe transportation network. Broken and neglected roads do not coincide with a contemporary urban identity. In this regard, our teams detect and eliminate deficiencies in every part of our city without any discrimination. As long as the weather conditions allow, our asphalt coating and patching program will continue. ”

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