Arabian tourists enjoying the sled

Sledding pleasure of Arab tourists: Many people came to Uludağ by cable car at the weekend. Arab tourists are sledding on the snow.

Uludağ, where the snow thickness exceeds 3 meters, was flooded by Arab tourists and excursionists. Arab tourists coming to Uludağ with the cable car, which is brought to the Hotels Area by the Metropolitan Municipality this year, take plenty of photos and images and enjoy the white cover by riding sleds. Especially, while female tourists displayed interesting images on the sleds they ride, hotel operators said that the occupancy rate was much higher this year compared to previous years. Stating that the occupancy rate reached 100 percent during the semester break, the business owners said, “Arab tourists show great interest in Uludağ not only in winter but also in summer. "They enjoy the snow by riding sleds," he said.