Ankara-Konya to be shortened by new high-speed train set

Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, made important statements on the TV program. Minister Elvan, high-speed trains in the freight transport will be done, Ankara-Konya between the travel time will be shorter, he said.
Minister Elvan answered a question about high-speed train services and stated that there is a high demand for high-speed train and the satisfaction rate has increased to 98 percent.
Emphasizing that the comfortable travel of the passengers is important, and the second important issue is the freight transportation, Elvan said, “We will also use these high-speed train lines in transportation. Especially, increasing the competitive power of our industry is very important in terms of bringing the costs further down.
Let's say from Istanbul that a citizen who wants to export to Iraq will be able to reach Habur until Iraq. ”
Elvan stated that they will increase the high speed train service in Konya by the end of February and that they will activate a new train set and that these trains will be able to speed up to 325, thus shortening the travel time between Ankara and Konya.
Elvan emphasized that the feasibility study of 1 kilometers from Sincan to Köseköy for a high-speed train line that will travel 15 hour and 280 minutes from Ankara to Istanbul, said, “This high-speed train is just over 350 it seems to be able to speed up, and the fiscal investment of about $ 4,5-5 billion. After saying that we want to realize this within the framework of the build-operate-transfer model, many companies demanded us. In this context, we want to realize with the build-operate-transfer model. Of course, he must have a suitor, he is a must for us. We have intensified our work. ”


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