Additional quota for Gebze was requested in Ankara-İstanbul YHT flights

Kocaeli Governor told railroad investments: Speaking at the provincial coordination committee meeting Kocaeli Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, in terms of exports of Kocaeli said that takes place during the first 2014 overall in 3 in Turkey.
Güzeloğlu, "We are living in Turkey as the latter pride," he said.
Provincial coordination board meeting was held in the 100 year meeting hall of Kocaeli Governorship. Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu under the chairmanship of the meeting, while the Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu pointed out that no district mayor attended. At the opening of the meeting, the Governor Güzeloğlu summarized 2014 investments.
'Our city is an important place,' said the Governor Güzeloğlu, "As Turkey is located at the first 2014 3 years across. Export is also important. We are living in Turkey pride as the latter. In our city, there are important institutions in the field of education. We are working at the point of carrying forward from where we are Bul.
Saying that the R & D investments should be made in order to reach the targets of 2023, Güzeloğlu said lar We are the closest province to the destination. There is a transformation in terms of technology closer to export. Bilisim Valley in Gebze gives us great support. The first stage of the tender is ready to be made. We are in the process of transformation in terms of Technology Bizim.
Birliker yap Çayırova, Hanibal, Dilovası, Eynerce intersections will be held. Sideways are included in the project. Proposals were received at the tender point. It'il make the city breathe. The D-100 highway will become more comfortable. This area will be relieved because of the large area of ​​industrial problems. Sanayi
DSİ Nazmi Koçak “Studies on the Hisar Stream continue. A pump was placed just below the bridge in the section of Dilovası highway junction to the sea. There are raids from the Jeans. 100 thousand TL energy cost output is specified. A situation like SKADA system was requested to be applied here. Governor Güzeloğlu stated that the incident occurred in the flood.
State Railways Regional Manager Metin Akbaş yıl We had an 2014 project in 29. 33 Million TL project investments have been targeted The high speed train project between Ankara and Istanbul has been implemented. Konya-Istanbul flights have started. 6 was moved between 1 million 37 thousand monthly and Ankara-Istanbul. 95 level passengers are transported on the face. Yüzde
Akbas ya High Speed ​​Train Pendik'tebn 06.30, 06.45 Gebze, 7.15 is going to Ankara. 06.15 from Ankara. Does not stop in Gebze-Izmit. Train departing from Ankara at 10.30 stands in Gebze-Izmit. Ticket sales are made until the train arrives. 20 was granted the right to take part in the High Speed ​​Train. 15 can be sold to the day. The demand came from the Governor Güzeloğlu to increase Kontejyan point.
Akbas gel 3 line, which states that the high speed train line between Gebze and Köseköy has been built, was added to the contract after it came to the agenda. 35 km has been built. Previously, 10 km infrastructure was constructed. In 13 km, infrastructure will be constructed. Then the upper structure will be passed. Preparations were made for tender. 3 will be the port connection with the 22 line X.



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