Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ski team team works at Ilgaz

📩 24/11/2018 14:06

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ski team works at Ilgaz: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ski team works at Ilgaz Yıldıztepe ski center before the matches. The athletes staying at Yıldıztepe Armar Hotel continue to work by doing 2 training sessions a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. Team Coach Fatih Yüksel stated that preparations are continuing on the snow quality and internationally registered northern discipline ski running track of Ilgaz and said: “As Ankara BB, we won 1 medals in the 23st stage races recently. We continue our preparations for the 2nd stage races at Ilgaz. Our camp work will continue at Ilgaz during the semester. Our goal is to ski racing championships 2nd stage of Turkey. If we are successful in Phase 2, they will go to athletes Turkey Championship stages exceed the quota. Kayak West group was divided as the eastern group, we are the western group. 12 male, 10 female ski team consisting of athletes BB Ankara, Turkey in 2014. 2. winter sports, the Write Turkey has made wheelchair skiing Champion title.