What We Don't Know About Trains: First Railway Line in Anatolia

The first railway line where Made in Turkey
The first railway line where Made in Turkey

The first railway line in Anatolia: The railway history in Anatolia 23 In September 1856 The first railway line in 130 1857 km İzmir Aydın line starts with a British company's first dig in the conquest İzmir Governor Mustafa Pasha's time, in XNUMX: From İzmir to Aydın Ottoman Railway Has been transferred to the company.

Thus, the first railway line in Anatolia, the 130 km line, was completed in the period of Sultan Abdulaziz in 10 with a year-long 1866 study.

Izmir Aydin Railway Map
Izmir Aydin Railway Map

Lines for operation in the Ottoman period

Anatolian Railways started operating between Istanbul and Adapazarı under the name of Ottoman Anatolian Railways in 1871. This company acquired Chemins de fer d'Anatolie Baghdad in 1888 with the partnership of the new Turkish government. 1924 km normal line are Istanbul - Izmit - Bilecik - Eskişehir - Ankara and Eskişehir - Afyon - Konya lines.

Anatolian - Baghdad Railways

Founded in 1904, Adana-based Ottoman-German capital Chemin de Fer Impérial was operated by Ottoman de Baghdad until 1923. 1600 km normal line is Konya - Adana - Aleppo - Baghdad - Basra line.

Hejaz Railway

Line which started with the Ottoman capital was opened in the year 1900 1908 years in Damascus completed the portion between Medina. World War destroyed the railway and the results are often not able to run up to 1920 years of local Arab tribes.

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