Light appeared in Akyazı Tunnel

Light appeared in Akyazı Tunnel: Drilling in the left tube of the double-tube Akyazı Tunnel, which is one of the important passages in the Trabzon section of the Black Sea Coastal Road and under construction within the scope of Kanuni Boulevard, has been completed - Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu: “Kanuni Boulevard is the life path of Trabzon it will be"
Light was seen in a tube of the double-tube Akyazı Tunnel, which is one of the important passages in the Trabzon part of the Black Sea Coastal Road and is under construction within the scope of Kanuni Boulevard.
The drilling process in the left tube of the double tube Akyazı Tunnel in connection with the Black Sea Coastal Road within the scope of the 9-kilometer-long Kanuni Boulevard, which is under construction between the entrance and exit of Trabzon and includes 22 tunnels, 47 intersections, 1 bridges, tunnels and 24 viaduct A ceremony was held at the entrance of the tunnel built between the neighborhoods of Yildizli and Beşirli upon completion.
Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu said in his speech at the ceremony that Trabzon will gain a great momentum with the completion of Kanuni Boulevard, “Kanuni Boulevard is a 3 lane departure with both bridges and ground junctions and all tunnels, three lanes arrivals, "It will make Trabzon, which stands out with its rugged terrain and historical geography, much more livable."
Explaining that it is pleasing to complete the drilling in a tube in the Akyazı Tunnel, which was built within this framework and which will relieve this road with its connection to the Black Sea Coastal Road, Gümrükçüoğlu said, “Kanuni Boulevard will be the life path of Trabzon. "The Southern Ring Road to be built after Kanuni Boulevard will be another giant step for the city," he said.
Gümrükçüoğlu thanked those who contributed to the project, saying that the light visible in the 2,5-kilometer-long Akyazı Tunnel is a milestone for the city.
After the speeches, the light was visible in a tube of the tunnel and the sacrifices were cut and the prayers were read. Later on, he made inspections in the tunnel.
In addition to Gümrükçüoğlu, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Cengiz Çolak and project manager Ahmet Gürsel Koçak and employees in tunnel construction attended the ceremony.
- Kanuni Boulevard Project-
Kanuni Boulevard, one of the important projects of the Eastern Black Sea Region, especially in Trabzon, will be 24 kilometers long, three lanes departure and three lanes arrival. Within the scope of the Kanuni Boulevard Project, which includes a total of 8 intersections, 15 of which are at grade, 22 of which are bridged, as well as 47 bridges and 1 viaduct, 8 tunnels, 9 of which are double and one tube, will be built.
Excavation continues at the Akyazı Tunnel, which will start from the Yıldız location at the entrance of the city and be completed at the Maçka Yolu Gözalan location at the exit of the province, as well as the Beşirli Tunnel, the Akyazı Kanuni Connection Tunnel, the Boztepe Tunnel and the Bahçecik Tunnel.
It is stated that the construction of the double-tube Çukurçayır 1, Çukurçayır 2, Gölçayır 1 and Gölçayır 2 tunnels has not started yet.



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