Skiing in Akdag

Skiing pleasure in Akdağ: While the Akdağ Ski Center Project, which has been spoken to be implemented for about 25 years but could not be covered by a barley distance, turned into a snake story, the doctor who skied in Akdağ with his friend wrote the prescription for winter tourism: We went out in 3 hours, we skied in 20 minutes. If a ski center was built in Akdağ, winter tourism would start in Alanya.

KONAKLI Medical Owner Dr. Adnan Sarı and his friend shopkeeper Olcay Korkmaz opened the ski season in Alanya. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, the duo set off towards Akdağ, the highest mountain in Alanya with a height of 2 meters, on the weekend. Sarı and Korkmaz, who climbed to the top of Akdağ after a 400-hour hard climb, then took a breakfast break. Drinking Turkish coffee after breakfast, the duo ended the peak pleasure, prepared the skis and started to descend. Dr. Sarı expressed his impressions of skiing in Akdağ with the following words: “After a 3-hour climb that pushed the physical limits of man, our descent with skis took only 3 minutes. A ski center should be established in Akdağ as soon as possible. Winter tourism starts in Alanya with this ski center. Because Akdağ will make foreign ski enthusiasts fall in love with it with its magnificent nature. "
Korkmaz said, “Without a doubt, Alanya is the most beautiful city in the Mediterranean. In Alanya, which has unique beauties and opportunities, you can swim in the sea even in January and go skiing right after. I have never heard of another city in the world where you can swim and build a ski resort on the same day. Alanya has this chance. In this respect, the value of Akdağ should be recognized ”.
Although the air temperature in Alanya is above seasonal normals, it has been reported that the snow thickness in Akdağ is around 50 centimeters at the lowest and 70 centimeters at the highest. It is also known that the snow thickness in Akdağ reaches 150 centimeters in February and March. In other ski resorts of our country, the highest snow depth was recorded in Kartalkaya with 244 centimeters, and Elmadağ with the lowest 5 centimeters.
According to the data of the General Directorate of Meteorology, Kartalkaya was followed by Kartepe with 177 centimeters, Uludağ with 170 centimeters, Hazarbaba with 150 centimeters and Ladik in Samsun with 120 centimeters. Snow depths in other ski centers were measured as 110 in Davraz, 100 in Ilgaz, 80 in Erciyes and Palandöken, 75 in Konaklı, 45 in Sarıkamış and Yıldıztepe and 5 centimeters in Elmadağ.
On the other hand, in Alanya, where yesterday the air temperature was measured as 17 and the sea water temperature as 16 degrees, 5 days of thunderstorms are expected from today. Within the expected 5 days of precipitation, the air temperature will be 16 degrees during the day and 12-13 degrees at night. Strong winds are expected from the south on Thursday and Saturday.