Adapazari expresses a meeting in Parliament

Adapazari expression for the Parliament met in the meeting: CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, Istanbul Deputy Faik Tunay and Sakarya Deputy Engin Ozkoc were in front of journalists in the Parliament
CHP deputy Haydar Akar and CHP Istanbul deputy Faik Tunay with journalists in front of the CHP Sakarya deputy Ozkoc, at the same time in front of the '' train '' in front of the train '' we want to take the train '' said greeting the Sakarya.
Özkoç said that the railway station was disarmed and it was tried to be opened to ranta again. We will not let it be removed, '' he said.
- 30 million people were sentenced to the highway-
Özkoç, said:
'' Year 2002, 74 million people per year, according to Turkstat figures moving on the railway in Turkey. Year 2013, the number of people using the railway in the country according to Turkstat figures 46 million 441 thousand people. Approximately 30 million people have been convicted to 11 for years. Who are they; Students, workers, retirees, people with low income. What about the roads that convict these people? Again based on TurkStat. According to official data, the 2002 was a traffic accident in the 440. 2013 million 1 thousand 207 traffic accidents occurred in 354.
- We know the respondents-
Who's in charge? Who is the most reliable, cheapest transportation system in the world to take people to the highway? Those who want to turn the Sakarya Railway Station into a rent area with the project they named proj Balıklı Gar Shopping Center ına in 2005. Sakarya, people are faced with a very violent reaction to step back, but today, leaving the station, trimming, leaving the same account again, trying to raise the same account.
-116 year old peers of the world, the world's pupil-
I ask, 116 is a train from the city center for years, and when there is a city people who have formed a culture of using this train line, the train line is asked to be removed why? The world's oldest railway stations in the city of Sakarya, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Stockholm, New York, Frankfurt, dozens of train stations in the city center while trying to protect all the figure, why is our garage left?
The story is funny, Eskişehir example is in the middle.
They don't tell a funny story like a traffic jam in the city, none of us believe it. Eskişehir example, Yılmaz Büyükerşen's great effort in the center of the city center is clear.
We, the people of Sakarya, will take our train, past and future once again. The train will come to the city center. 116 our annual railway station, Sapanca Erdemli village, the seedlings brought from the village, the beautiful old thymus, will not remain without trimming. ''
-The only way to get rid of the vehicle via 5-
Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, who took the floor after Özkoç, TCDD, together with the general manager 2 month before the visit to the train line reminded Sakarya, '' When I entered the train Sakarya, I went back to my childhood. This is a history, culture, we have to protect it, '' he said.
While the Adapazarı express was used, the person who took the train from Sakarya center came to Haydarpaşa with the only means, and he said that in order to reach the same point, 5 means to change the vehicle, Akar said:
'' Going from Arifiye to Adapazarı, taking the train from Arifiye to Pendik, Kartal with dolmus from Pendik, by metro from Kartal KadıköyAnother vehicle from here. What happened? You reset our time, you reset our pocket, you reset our culture. While these are used to resetting everything, culture does not reset, it comes at a price. ''
-TCDD General Manager has a promise ...
Akar, TCDD General Manager of the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Arifiye-center line to improve the rails, level crossings underpass and to increase the number of lines promised, he said, and the municipality should emphasize the issue.


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