Salary Rebellion in Adana Metro

Adana metro map
Adana metro map

📩 14/09/2021 22:31

Salary revolt in Adana Metro: Adana Metropolitan Municipality's metro services may be interrupted. As of January 2015, it was learned that a large number of personnel, whose salaries were reduced from 2 to 200 liras, were preparing to take action.

Metro drivers and flat staff against the reduction of salary from the passive resistance from this morning reportedly passed. In this case, the train service will either be reduced or the metro will stop completely.

According to the municipality, the 30 metro driver (Vatman) imposed on them opposes the new convention. Among the information obtained from the legal rights of the citizens who have refused to sign this contract.

On the other hand, a subway driver who explained to Adana Medya said, ım Many of our friends are doing passive resistance or do not come to work for protest by taking a report. Therefore, the two drivers are still written to the drivers. I'm using the 15 subway station for hours. Now my eyes are closing. This situation can not go on, Bu he said.

This statement also reveals what kind of danger the people of Adana, who use the metro as a public transport, are in danger. It is not yet known how the Metropolitan Municipality officials are looking for a solution to solve the problem.

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