Light rail between Adana-Karataş

Light rail system comes between Adana and Karataş: Adana's Karataş Municipal Council held its first meeting in the year 20015. Important projects were discussed and resolved in the municipal council convened under the chairmanship of Mayor Boğaçhan Ünal.
President Ünal, who made a statement after the meeting of the Assembly, stated that the future of the district is in tourism, and that they will make significant breakthroughs in 2015 and therefore they will show the place to the tourists who want to invest in Karataş.
Noting that they started negotiations with relevant places to build a light rail system between Adana and Karataş in 2015, Mayor Ünal said, “If the light rail system starts service with the ferry between Karataş and Famagusta, this will be a historical turning point for Adana and Karataş. Tourism will revive in Adana and Karataş. " said.

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 16:42

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