What is this good news for the Adana Fast Train Project?

What are the good news for the Adana High Speed ​​Train Project: We keep saying that Adana doesn't get enough share of public investments!
One of the most important indicators of this is the High Speed ​​Train Project of the government covering many provinces…
Adana was not included in the project when the high-speed train was on the first agenda. When Adana felt sorry for this (inden), (gospel a came from the government and representatives of the government in Adana;
”Adana was also included in the high-speed train.“
So our sorrow turned into happiness.
However, despite the developments on this subject, we were only interested in looking at the distant train. We had difficulty seeing the high speed train going too fast.
Nowadays, there is another good news.
TURKONFED President Süleyman Onatça discussed this issue with the Minister of Transport Lütfi Elvan. Minister Elvan gave the good news;
”We give the line to the tender.“
God willing. I wish this last gospel, lafta does not stay and Adana fast train to reach.
There is also the issue of Şakirpaşa Airport. He also said that the improvement works of Adana Şakirpaşa Airport will start.
The airport issue is already the wound of Adana. We look like adoption, when they will take from us, we look forward with anxiety. The issue is grave, in terms of Adana.
Now that we've healed, no one knows what happens next.
Mersin Çukurova Airport to be made in Mersin is closer to the center of the city of Mersin, we also do not burn the palm of our hand.
What will happen to Adana Sakirpasa Airport?
When the airport in Mersin will be converted into a warehouse?
Or a hangar?
Or will he continue his activity again?
Anyone who knows about God, do you have any idea?
I don't think anyone knows anything. If he does, he is afraid to explain the truth to Adana.
The train comes in pleasant income, hoping that we get the train, Adana hopes Adana won't lose the plane.



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