Another decision from IETT to speed up the journey

📩 01/12/2018 16:30

Another decision to speed up the journey from IETT: IETT will double the number of ticket machines, which are automatic ticket filling and vending machines, in the new year.
IETT started the unmanned sales system application by taking into consideration the demands of the passengers in a similar way to the unmanned, automatic transition system that was started to be implemented in bridges.
IETT, which aims to make the passengers perform faster and eliminate the grievances experienced by the citizens about toll booths, starts to remove the toll stations in the metrobus stations and puts ticket machines in these places.
Metrobus toll booths are widely used in Europe to spread the unmanned sales system in Istanbul and 24 watches are removed in order to provide uninterrupted service. By the end of January, all stations will start to sell automatic tickets gradually. In addition, passengers will be able to fill their Istanbul cards from dealerships close to metrobus stations.

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