Melih Gokcek: You pay for your money using Asphalt

Melih Gokcek: Asphalts who use the money to pay.Melih Gokcek, most of Ankara is not willing to pay asphalt coins of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has not been invented and studies on the solution said. In the year of 2010 asphalt money MHP parliamentary members of the headquarters of the press due to the press of the Gokcek, taken to remove the asphalt money taken from the houses of the heralds that Ankara people.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gokcek participated in the live broadcast of 17 radio and answered the questions about the agenda. Evaluating the complaints from citizens about the asphalt money, Gökçek, asphalt money is not the invention of the Metropolitan, he said.
Gökçek stated that he was making contact for the removal of asphalt money, he said.
Uk We were blown up to not get asphalt money until 2010. However, in 2010, the MHP Headquarters were pressured to ask questions of MHP Municipal Assembly members in Ankara and asked about sual. We had to transfer it to the inspection, and in the meantime they filed a criminal complaint with the Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry of Interior has also started an inspection and as a result of the inspection, it was requested that the responsible persons be subjected to the necessary legal procedures for the concerned persons and the non-collected money to be embezzled to the managers.
Gokcek also recorded an official report on this issue, and also entered the scope of a general law out of the Parliament and the municipal bureaucrats that they were saved from embezzlement, z Or how much money if they did not collect the money will go there ' bureaucrats, officials will be an embezzlement. The reason I sent it was because of the law. It is said that the asphalt benefit of the law is absolutely and necessarily taken. Kan
Melih Gökçek noted that they proposed a law proposal for the removal of the asphalt money, "though there is a new law removed, used to take this money," he was now passing, "can be taken," he passes. So no longer according to the decision of the City Council to take asphalt money. But you can't extend it to the past. But despite this, the lawyers can re-work, can we hold this job? "" he said.
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also said that this money is in favor of the removal of Melih Gokcek, by offering a different method, bu Asfaltı uses money to pay. If the vehicle pays 15 TL asphalt every month, it doesn't touch anyone. We are already in the City Council and we will do something about not taking the decision. Look, I repeat, this is an incident that aroused by our MHP friends in this case because of the crime announcement, so to speak. This instruction comes from the headquarters, a friend told me at that time in MHP personally, "I hope to solve this, I think," he said.
Referring to a similar issue in the Organized Industrial Zones, Gökçek said, ı When I talked to them, I told them that we would do asphalt assistance and a protocol was made. So when we do not receive a protocol against the act would be an incredible thing, Öyle he said.

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