Tourists enjoy skiing in Cıbıltepe

Tourists' skiing pleasure in Cıbıltepe: Local and foreign tourists enjoy skiing at the Cıbıltepe Ski Center at an altitude of 2 thousand 634 in the Sarıkamış district of Kars.

2 after snowfall with effective intervals. The level of snow on the stage runways reached 75 centimeters.

Ahmet Ataol, the general manager of a hotel in the ski resort, said that preparations were completed before the semester break.

Stating that Sarıkamış is an unmissable opportunity for a holiday in the magnificent landscape among the yellow pines, Ataol said, “Those who want to enjoy skiing and be alone with nature should not waste time. Because we are constantly getting reservations. There is intense demand, our occupancy rate has already reached 80 percent ”.

On the other hand, Sacit Özbey, General Manager of Kar-Sar-Tur Inc., which is in charge of mechanical facilities and tracks, emphasized that the necessary controls were carried out in the mechanical facilities, all of the tracks were leveled with the snow crushing machine and made ideal for skiing. said they offer the possibility to ski on the crystal snow.

Cıbıltepe has 25 slalons with a total length of 8 kilometers and a snowboard track, and 200 chairlifts with a capacity of 4 people per hour.