Tram 65 in Samsun is Paid for Over-the-Year Passengers

Tram in Samsun Becomes Paid for Passengers Over 65 Years of Age: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council signed a decision that overwhelmed the citizens of 2015 years of age in 1 agenda items belonging to the 2 sessions of the 12st meeting of January 65.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council 2015 1 of January 2 12 session of the XNUMX session of the agenda of the XNUMX, under the chairmanship of the Metropolitan City Council Deputy Chairman Turan Cakir, was transferred to the council by the commission.
12 matter was discussed at the commission meeting of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Palace Assembly Meeting Hall.
Located on the agenda, the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System 05 January 2015 date and 1. No, the proposal for the granting of public bus operating rights to Samulaş A.Ş. And it was accepted.
However, Sefer Arlı's demands were not limited to buses. Sefer Arlı, after his speech about Samunlaş's serious loss, has been accepted by reducing the 38 percent share of Samsun metropolitan municipality from Samulaş revenues to 30 percent. In addition, Arlı, who made a speech about the right to free travel granted to 65-year-olds, stated that some citizens had unnecessary travels for free. He explained that he was damaged due to such reasons and Samulaş demanded a 'HALF FEE' to be taken from citizens over 65 years of age to reduce the damage.
In this article, which will come to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council on Friday, it is considered that the AK Party, which holds the control of the parliament, will pass with its votes.

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