The road between the intersection of migrants and the crossroads of walnuts has opened

The road between Göçmenler junction and walnut junction has been opened: The road that has been excavated due to the pits formed in the Ereğli district of Zonguldak, was opened to traffic after the newly poured asphalt.
The neighborhood and drivers reacted due to the pits formed on the road, which was started to be built between the Göçmenler junction and the walnut junction by the contractor company in Ereğli, the asphalt of the newly built road was removed and the traffic was given from a single lane. The asphalt casting of the road, which was dismantled on January 16, was completed within 3 days. The highway, where the last controls were made, was opened to traffic again.
Drivers said the traffic was relieved by the opening of the road.



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