3. The path of the bridge will grow every week

  1. The road of the bridge will get longer every week: The second deck of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will start to be assembled on the foot of the Anatolian Side today. A new deck will be added every week to the bridge, which is planned to open on 29 October.
    The feet of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge on the Asian and European sides of the Reinforced Concrete operation have been completed. The second deck of the bridge, whose first deck was thrown at the ceremony attended by Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan last week, will be installed on the Anatolian Side today. The bridge, which was planned to be opened on 29 October 2015, was placed on the European Side, and its weight was 400 tons, width 59 and length 4.5 meters. The second of the decks, which are produced in a shipyard in Altınova district of Yalova on a 24-hour basis, will be 59 meters wide, 24 meters long, 5.5 meters high and 980 tons of weight. The total weight of the decks brought from Yalova with floating ships carrying 500 tons of weight will be 55 thousand tons. The bridge, which will be completed by connecting 59 floors, is planned to be thrown once a week. The decks will be mounted on both sides.
    According to the information received from the General Directorate of Highways, the construction of the 8-lane road and 2-lane railroad, which was constructed by the structural engineer Michel Virlogeux and the Swiss Ti Engineering company, whose concept design is known as the "French bridge master", is ongoing at the same level. The decks that will be brought to Haydarpaşa Port from Yalova are brought to the area to be installed by passing through the Bosphorus with great care. Assembly work is expected to be completed in July on the bridge where a deck will be connected once a week. In the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge and the Northern Marmara Motorway Project, implemented by ICA, works are being carried out rapidly on the connection roads. Construction of 102 culverts, 6 underpasses and 1 overpass on the highway has been completed. The entire project uses 250 machines and various equipment. 6 thousand 107 people work in the project.
  2. In the North Marmara Motorway Project, where the Bridge is located, the route was opened and mapping was carried out. 75 percent of the excavation work of the project and 60 percent of the filling is completed. So far, 47.6 million cubic meters of excavation and 21.2 million cubic meters of filling have been carried out. In addition, works are being carried out in Riva and Çamlık tunnels with 27 culverts.

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