A special concrete plant is being built for 3.

A special concrete plant is being built for 3. : 3.For the need of the facility, the button was pressed for the Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant, Washing-Screening, Asphalt and Mechanical Plant Facility. The facility will be built on the 76 million square meter area of ​​500 million.
The facility established for the purpose of meeting the concrete, asphalt and plentmix building materials needed in the construction of the 76. Airport project located on an area of ​​500 million 3 thousand square meters will be implemented by CMLKK Airports Construction.
3. Within the scope of the airport project, 6 units of the main runway, 4 apron and runway tracks as well as domestic and international terminal buildings and all other facilities required for the airport (entrance control building, technical blockhouse, DHMİ service building, fire station, construction equipment and auto garage construction, security building, regulator building, power center, heat center, water tank, customs building, etc. will be realized. The ready-mixed concrete facility will meet the needs of the ready-mixed concrete with the construction of the planned construction works.
4 consists of the stage
In the first phase of the 4. Airport project consisting of 3, the main terminal building, 2 runway and cargo runway are located. In the second stage, 3 is located perpendicular to the east of the area. Runway and terminal building, 3. 1 runway and terminal building, last to the sea to the west of the main runway, and 4. in the west of the area while standing in the sea perpendicular to the 6. runway and terminal buildings. The places where the concrete plant will be built will change depending on the completion of the stages.
3. With the launch of the Airport Project (2023 year), the concrete plant, washing-sieving asphalt and mechanical plant facilities will be removed and moved to other areas to be auctioned.
76 to meet the concrete needs of million square meters
76 is located on an area of ​​one thousand square meters of 500.Havalian project 3 hectares of forest, 6.172 hectares of mining and other use, large and small ponds, large and small ponds, 180 hectares pastures, 236 hectares of dry agriculture (nadassiz), 60 hectares of shrubbery areas.



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