Pamukkale Express 6 starts its voyages after years

Pamukkale expresses 6 starts their voyages after a year-break: AK Party Denizli Deputy Bilal Uçar, 6 stopped before the train between Denizli-Istanbul announced that it will start in January.
2008 9 6 died in January of the person who died after the train accident in the railway for maintenance and repair work removed from the Pamukkale Express, again on the road. Thus, Denizli-Istanbul train service XNUMX will start again after a year break.
AK Party Denizli deputy Bilal Uçar, alt Approx. 200 million TL investment in Denizli-Sandik between the 192 kilometer railway infrastructure and all the infrastructure has been renewed. With these studies, the average speed of the 40 - 45 Km / Hour has been reached. However, it is planned to travel at average 160 - 90 Km / Hour due to both the ground and the stations. The train departing from Denizli will reach to Eskişehir by 120 hours. By transferring from Eskişehir to High Speed ​​Train, transportation will be provided both in Istanbul and Ankara in a shorter time by rail. ”Transportation Planning esi works are currently underway or even in the first stage, such as 6,5 in the morning to move to the city of Eskisehir such as 12, 7: 22, such as the city is planned to move from Eskisehir to Denizli“.



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