It will be connected to Kapıkule via Istanbul Edirne by high speed train

Istanbul will connect with Agility fast train out of Edirne Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, Turkey's border situated in stating that further wants to strengthen infrastructure links with other countries, "This is the framework in Istanbul until the Agility via Edirne high-speed train we will connect. We aim to be tendered for this in 2015 ”.
Elven, Vodafone Turkey main sponsor, Capital and Ekonomist magazines in his speech held at the CEO Club Meeting with the leadership, raising everyone's community wellbeing, stating that aims to be a sustainable economic stability and development, the development, the sine qua non of development that came of human resources at the beginning, higher level of education, He noted that the knowledgeable, skilled and human infrastructure that can be an example in terms of its qualifications is required.
Elvan, who stated that the second fundamental necessity is the entrepreneurial spirit, said:
“If a society has an entrepreneurial spirit in an individual, the development and development of that society will be faster. Third, you need to have a solid infrastructure. I mean infrastructure, not only physical infrastructure, you need to have a solid legal and democratic infrastructure with all its institutions and rules. On the other hand, you need to have a strong, competitive physical infrastructure. As the Ministry, we have great responsibilities, especially in the physical infrastructure. Approximately 46 percent of public investments are made by our ministry. ”
Minister Elvan stated that the first priority has been seen as a highway investment in terms of transportation infrastructure and that this will continue, “In the priority ranking, railway investments will prevent road investments in the coming years, especially in 2016. This year, our highway investments will be up to 3-4 billion lira above our railway investments, but for the first time in 2015, we are approaching 10 billion lira investment in railway investments, we anticipate an investment of 9 billion liras. Our investment amount in 2016 will be much higher. In a sense, railway investments will prevent road investments. ”
Elvan emphasized that they attach great importance to divided road investments and increasing the standards for about 12-13 years, and said that the most preferred choice of citizens is high-speed train to the provinces, industrialists want a high-speed train for freight purposes and logistics center with the connection of OIZs to the high-speed train line. .
"We will give priority to the construction of the railway, logistics center and the connection of the OIZs to the high-speed train lines," said Elvan.
Elven, one of the other priorities of the country and said they would strengthen border crossing the border to Turkey in terms of both rail road, said:
“Our connection with Bulgaria, Greece, Habur, with Georgia… So we want to further strengthen our infrastructure connection with the countries on our border. In this framework, we will connect Istanbul by high speed train from Edirne to Kapıkule. We aim to bid for this in 2015. We will have provided Kapıkule with the fast train to the Bulgarian border. North Marmara Motorway, 3rd Bridge, which is among our mega projects, and our railway line that will cross over this bridge will be connected with this line. We strengthen our road connection with Greece, we renew our railway connection completely. We expect Greece to strengthen its own railway.
Our line with Georgia also continues our Kars-Tbilisi-Baku project. Our goal here is to complete this by the end of 2015, and really want the completion of the silk railway route. The only failing Kars-Tbilisi-Baku line. We have 2 projects related to our Habur border gate. One is the highway and the other is the high speed train project. As of today, we have been in Mersin-Adana high speed train tender. We will start working on this. In 2015, we will go on high-speed train line tenders from Adana to Osmaniye, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa. The rest will be the section from Şanlıurfa to Habur and we will start by bidding for the next year. ”
- “As of the end of 2015, we will be upgraded to 4G”
When we look at developed countries, a country with its neighbors, the trade volume of total trade volume of reminiscent of that level, 60 percent of Elven, its trade volume with Turkey's neighbors is well below the highway and the infrastructure of priority as the border said they wanted to strengthen with both railway reputation.
Stating that there are very important developments in the aviation industry, Elvan stated that 166 million passengers have been reached this year and said, “We are building airports with a public-private cooperation, we ensure that they are made through private sector. We are building regional airports that we cannot realize with build-operate-transfer, we provide modernization of our existing airports. We will open Ordu-Giresun airport in March. In May, Hakkari airport will follow Rize, Yozgat airports, and we are planning to build an airport in Thrace ”.
When the information communication field in this area that tells the amazing developments in Turkey Elvan, in 2014 the rate of increase in the number of broadband subscribers in 2013 to 24 per cent, said it was also quite a high number of mobile subscribers.
Elven, they build infrastructure such as fiber highways that show significant improvement and reached the 240 thousand kilometers, but transferring that's not enough, "Turkey is growing very fast in this area. Our demand from operators is to increase their fiber infrastructure investments. We will take measures in this direction. Information and communication sector is also important developments, 3-4 times even 5 times the average growth rate in Turkey has grown rapidly, "he said.
Expressing their aim to bid for 4G this year, Minister Elvan said, “Our Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies and our Ministry are working. Our goal is to carry out the tender at the end of the first 3 months of this year. I hope we will be upgraded to 2015G as of the end of 4. ”
- “There will be a serious recovery in the maritime sector in the coming period”
Minister Elvan, since the 2008 2012 the year 2014 the year of serious backward and shrinking in the maritime sector, stating that a significant recovery in the 2008 provided, said that there was an increase in yacht and ship exports, but the level of XNUMX not reached.
3 large sea port 3 large-scale projects are reminiscent of Elvan, the maritime sector will be a serious recovery in the coming period, said they began to take measures related to this.
Elvan, Turkish bayraklı He stated that they are conducting a study in order to take the necessary measures to increase the number of ships, and when the work becomes concrete, they will present a road map by sharing their thoughts with the relevant parties.
Emphasizing that they definitely talked to the related parties in the road maps in each sub-sector they put forward, Elvan said, “Our door is open to every sector and everyone.”


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