new railway line agreement between Turkey and Iran

new railway line between Turkey and Iran agreement: The agreement on the establishment of a new railway line between Turkey and Iran
Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz, the Minister of Communications and Communications with Iran, Mahmoud Vaizi and his accompanying delegation met. The negotiations reached on the issue of the TIR problem, the use of national currencies and the opening of the new railway line.
Iran and Turkey, the roots of that relationship which is based on very old expressing Yilmaz, said that the good relations they have tried to reflect the economic field. Stating that the economic potential of the two countries is very high, Yılmaz noted that they are trying to develop new collaborations in various fields in order to reach the foreign trade target of 30 billion dollars.
Yılmaz stated that the economic relations between the two countries are much better than 12 years ago, but this is not enough. Our 10 companies have $ 11,3 billion direct investment in Iran. We want mutual investments to increase more, "he said.
Referring to the preferential trade agreement signed with Iran, Yılmaz said, “We want to crown this agreement with free trade in the long term. Turkey's trade with Iran grows across the Middle East will spread prosperity to our region. We will have contributed to both the economic development and stability of the Middle East ”.
Reminding that there are some conflicts between Iran and Turkey due to the differences in fuel prices in the transportation sector, Minister of Development Yılmaz said, “We have reached a new understanding on this issue. Relations between Iran and Turkey are on both sides. kazanThese are the relationships that he will work out. Beyond sharing this small area, we will expand the area and develop our economic relations in the transportation sector in a way that will allow everyone to get a larger share," he said.
Iranian Communication and Communications Minister Mahmud Vaizi also said that the preferential trade agreement signed between the two countries is a new era in economic cooperation.
Reminding that Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci made a proposal to trade with his own national currencies between the two countries during his visit to Iran, Vaizi said, “This is approved in us, we accept it. During this visit, I will pass it on to him. We need to strive to achieve the $ 30 billion foreign trade volume target stated by the two Presidents ”.
They are important forces in the region, Turkey and Iran expressing the preacher, said they are working to remove barriers to increase investments between the two countries.
He explained that he had a meeting with the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan and said: In telecommunication, we have reached a new agreement on the Internet as well as satellite. We agreed to establish a new railway line between the two countries. We have also reached a permanent solution for the problems of truckers and truckers between the two countries. I hope that this agreement will relieve truck drivers, truckers and transportation sector in two countries. There is no limit to the development of relations between Iran and Turkey. We aim to improve this by covering all areas.

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