Eyupe 1 Ropeway 2 comes from the tram at the metro 2

📩 24/11/2018 14:07

Eyupe 1 cable car 2 metro 2 comes with tram: Eyüp Mayor Remzi Aydın X Büyükşehir will have serious transportation investments to Eyüp. Two subway, two tram lines and one from Piyer Loti to Miniatürk. So there will be two ropeways at Piyer Loti.

Eyüp is one of the most special districts of Istanbul… Eyüp is a special district that enchants with its historical texture and mystical structure, which is one of the most important stops of faith tourism and has a unique viewing terrace… So what awaits such an important and valuable district? What is being done to preserve and keep this historical texture alive? How will slum areas transform? How will the problems in forest areas such as Göktürk and Kemerburgaz be solved? I asked all these questions to the Mayor of Eyüp, Remzi Aydın. I visited Piyer Loti, the first place visited by the tourists who entered the city with the President, Eyüp Sultan tomb, which has been closed for about 4 years, and listened to his projects.

Job is a hard place. On the one hand the areas where the distorted construction is intense. Alibeyköy, Yeşilpınar, Silahtarağa. On the other hand there is a historical and mystical texture in the center. Urban regeneration is difficult, restoration is difficult, how will you cope?

Actually, one should read the photograph well and work systematically. This is the trick. I think I read the photo well. As you said, it is necessary to evaluate Job in two axes. The first is the center, the historical center. That's already a protected area. The work we will do here is aimed at the revival and revival of this tissue.

There is an obsolete image over the years in the historical sections about the center of Eyüp, it could not be overcome.

Yes, it's true, but this period will be exceeded. I bet. We collaborated with Bilgi University. We do a historical Center Management Plan study. How to put stone on the street of Eyüp, the street will be the sign of how many inches of architects, historians and art historians will decide. We will have projects to solve the transportation problem of the Metropolitan with Eyüp.

How are they projects?

Maybe it'il be a pedestrian work. These projects are in fact the Metropolitan. Our competence is to attract the investments of IMM to our district. 3. The airport is located in Eyüp and Arnavutköy. In Akpinar. The Ministry of Transport has a project. Fast tram project to connect the airport to the city center. Between the airport and Gayrettepe. And this project will pass through Eyüp. The second one is the construction of the subway now under construction Bağcılar-Gayrettepe metro. Bağcılar-Tekstilkent-Gaziosmanpaşa-Eyüp- Kağıthane-Gayrettepe route. 2.5 will be completed after years.

How many stations will be in Eyüp?

4 station will be made. There will be Yeşilpınar, Veysel Karani, Çırçır and Alibeyköy stations. An important project is the tram line from Eminönü to Alibeyköy. The Golden Horn will continue along the coast. Metro station will be integrated. You will land on Alibeyköy tramway from Eminönü. If you want to take the metro from there you will go to Bagcilar or Besiktas. Tender finished, this period will be done by IMM. Also, there will be a line from the Aksaray-Airport high-speed tram from the Bayrampaşa stop to Feshane. This period is over. Kadir Bey gave his word. It will merge with the line from Eminönü. There is the current Edirnekapı-Habipler tram. The metropolitan wants to organize in the subway, he continues to work on the subject. And if it happens, it'il be a second subway. We don't want to get the tools into Eyüp anymore. There will also be a ropeway between the Miniatürk Piyer Loti.