3. domestic natural stone will be used at the airport

  1. Domestic natural stone will be used at the airport: The button has been pressed for the use of local stones for the 3rd Airport, which will be one of the largest airports in the world.
    Airport manufactured in Turkey in the construction of natural stones should be used
    Intensive 3 construction. The use of domestic stone for the airport fell like a bomb on the agenda. Rüstem Çetinkaya 3. We can produce the stones of the airport.
    Istanbul Mine Exporters Union (IMIB) hosted 2023 Vision Meetings. The adi Four Winds c project, bearing the signature of Taş Yapı, was hosted by Hurriyet Newspaper moderated by Sadi Özdemir.
    At the meeting, the targets, problems and solutions of the mining sector were discussed. Representatives of the mining sector shared their views at the meeting, where Ali Kahyaoğlu, IMIB Chairman, and Rüstem Çetinkaya, Vice President of İMİB, attended the meeting.
    Head of Turkey's mineral exports Kahyaoğlu whether or not there should be in place at the moment, exports last year, said it declined for the first time since 2008.
    Reminding that the total size of the world natural stone market is 40 billion dollars, Kayaoğlu said, “The size of the natural stone market of Donya 5-6 was about 13 billion years ago and grew rapidly. Turkey, 20 2 billion dollars this is zade billion of share from the global export market. 2014 4.1 7.9, 40 declined in all mines in XNUMX. Considering that we have the XNUMX of the world reserve, we understand how small our export share is. Dünya
    Kahyaoğlu explained the decline in exports: Suriye The Russian crisis, the Syrian tension and the corruption in China have affected our sector. In China, the claim that the black money was justified in construction led to the pressure of the construction sector. Therefore, our biggest buyer has narrowed our market in China. For the first time in China, we have been on the rise in the United States, and we have compensated the gap in China for some time. '
    Kahyaoğlu indicating that a pessimistic outlook for the mineral exports for the year 2015, Turkey, he said pointing to the danger of economic data. 2015 6 billion-dollar export target stating that target Kahyaoğlu, "Our goal is hard to reach but we have to go on," he said.
    Emphasizing that the natural stone sector has shown a high acceleration for the last 20 years, Vice President of IMİB Rüstem Çetinkaya said that Turkish marbles had started to find the place they deserved. many new real estate projects that increase the quality of construction in Turkey is also notable Cetinkaya, "Luxury housing, shopping centers and 5-star hotels are now choosing natural stone. Developers and architecture offices turn to natural stone, the consumer also wants a better quality of life. The person who will take home immediately distinguishes quality and natural stone stands out at this point Geliştir.
    Stating that marble is a symbol of wealth from past to present, Çetinkaya said that as the number of producers in marble increased, the products became economical. Çetinkaya emphasized the importance of service to the marble producers and emphasized the importance of the service to be given.
    Rüstem Çetinkaya who criticized the use of imported stone in public buildings, will be held in Istanbul 3. emphasized the need to use native natural stone in the airport project. 3. Ali Kahyaoğlu said that they talked to the contractor companies for the use of domestic materials at the airport and said Kah You can give us a million square meters of marble 1 havalim. Of course, if you decide on time we will provide it Eğer.

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