Tunceli-Ovacik Highway has crashed Citizens have crashed

Tunceli-Ovacik Highway Road Avalanche Citizens Down The Road: Tunceli-Ovacik highway due to avalanche highway access has closed. Highways teams launched work to rescue citizens stranded on the road.
Tunceli-Erzincan and Tunceli-Ovacik motorhome closed for transportation in Tunceli. Some vehicle drivers were stranded due to the Storm Veli location at the 40 second kilometer of the Tunceli-Ovacık highway and the avalanche falling at various points.
There is also a problem in transportation and energy due to ongoing snowfall. Due to the failures in the power transmission lines after snowfall, the city center has not been able to provide electricity since yesterday evening hours. While most of the city center is without electricity, due to the overturning of many electricity poles, there are also energy shortages in Ovacık, Nazımiye, Pertek and Çemişgezek district centers.
After heavy snowfall, conductors and the direct overturning of electricity due to the authorities stating that the authorities, the effort to eliminate the malfunction, he said.
Highways Tunceli Branch Chief Aydoğan Ergün, who sent a team to the region to save the stranded drivers, said, “It was closed at night on the Tunceli-Ovacık road due to an avalanche. We intervene with the scoop and grader by Ovacık. Our work continues due to avalanches occurring in approximately 13 regions. ” said.
Snowfall in the districts of the most snowfall in the town of Ovacık found the thickness of the 1 meter. Heavy snowfall in the morning hours on the Tunceli-Ovacik highway in the storm Veli position and falling to certain points as a result of road transportation was closed. The drivers facing the danger of avalanches waited for the highways to rescue themselves.
Expressing that he was avalanche in front of his vehicles on the way from Tunceli to Ovacık district, driver Erkan Şaroğlu said, “I was going from Tunceli to Ovacık district, after taking the corner, an avalanche fell in front of me, and then an avalanche later fell. We were so scared, we expect the teams to save us. ” he spoke.
After the break in the 6 district yesterday due to heavy snowfall in Tunceli, primary and secondary schools were holidayed for two days because of the snowfall in Tunceli.
Tunceli Governorate, Pülümür, Hozat, Nazımiye district centers and villages for two days; Ovacik and Mazgirt district centers and villages 1 days; In the center and Çemişgezek district, in the schools that carry education, 1 announced the discontinuation of the day.




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