HYFIX signature to Astana train station

HYFIX signature to Astana train station: The underground waterproofing of Astana International Train Station is safe with HYFIX… Besides Kazakhstan, Russia, Russia, which has left 161 countries among them, it has become the host of EXPO 2017, as well as business and entertainment centers, a new airport, a new fairground and a new train station began.
Sembol Construction, which constitutes a critical intersection on ancient silk roads, which is located in the middle of the European-Asian highways and serves as a bridge for the capital of Kazakhstan, undertakes the construction of the new Astana International Railway Station. As the solution partner of the project under waterproofing, Interfiks preferred HYFIX Chemical Waterproofing Systems.
HYFIX Chemical Waterproofing Systems are preferred for the foundation six waterproofing of the project, which will be constructed on a total of 106 thousand square meters of useful area, with a building floor of 75 thousand square meters; It insures not only the surface but also the entire concrete, guaranteeing waterproofing throughout the life of the concrete.
Symbol construction; Before this project, he worked with İnterfiks Construction Chemicals as the solution partner for the waterproofing of KHAN SHATYR - Han Tent, which was opened in 2010, as the biggest tent in the world, in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.
Astana is the coldest 70 city in the world, where the summer-winter temperature difference has found 80-2 degrees. HYFIX Chemical Waterproofing Systems, which provide maximum savings in time thanks to its ability to be applied in extreme weather conditions, offers the most effective and most guaranteed solution against corrosion with its seamlessness, tear resistance and water impermeability values.

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