35 want a bridge for years

35 has been wanting bridges for years: Dereobası residents of Osmaniye center have been trying to provide transportation to the city 35 kilometers away by using a makeshift wooden bridge they built with 3 facilities.
The 8 meter-long bridge to the Karaçay Creek bed uses tiny students, sick families and many citizens to use the dangerous road to reach the city. Residents of the village, for years to have a bridge to the politicians and officials have called repeatedly, but so far they have not received a result, he said.
Stating that the villager had to defend his right, village headman Davut Yaşar said, “The establishment of our village is very old. Today, 1876 people live and receive immigration in our village, which was established in 1300. We want a bridge to the dill. ” said. Stating that the bridge, which was built with a shovel-like pickaxe 35 years ago, was destroyed as a result of excessive floods at that time, said Yaşar, “We have been a bridge and victim since then. He could not use that bridge even for a year and flowed in the flood waters. ” he explained.
Stating that the students are also anxious while crossing the wooden bridge they are currently using for the pedestrian crossing, Yaşar added: “Our state has stopped the education for our children going to secondary school because it is close to the city. Currently, our children are going to their schools on foot using this bridge. It is said to be in the municipal adjacent area right now but the municipality is not interested. The authorities have come here and made some investigations, but no results have been achieved and we are the ones who always suffer.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 18:00

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