3. Airport will improve Turkish air cargo sector

  1. The Airport will improve Turkish Air Cargo Sector: The Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers (UTİKAD) Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, supports the single freight price application including fuel and security costs, and this application is carried out by Turkish Airlines and he must pass the moment before.
    In a written statement, Erkeskin stated that they welcomed Emirates' decision to collect freight, fuel and security surcharges under one item in a new period and present them to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) agencies on behalf of the sector.
    In addition to the base freight price, Erkeskin reported that the additional costs applied under the name of fuel and security vary according to the carrier, the country or the airport, and the fact that these fees are changing several times during the year. on the other hand that it requires the management of errors and errors.
    Stating that they support the single freight price application including fuel and security costs, Erkeskin said, “All of our airline companies, especially Turkish Airlines, should pass this application as soon as possible”.
    In this process, which will bring great openness and controllability in this process, it will facilitate the works of the customers and exporters who use the air transportation services. they thanked them.
    Erkeskin, 3 in Istanbul. Turkish air cargo sector will realize a big leap with the completion of the airport and the trade cargoes will increase and the problems will increase as the volume increases.
    Erkeskin noted that the Turkish air cargo sector grew very fast, but that there was a serious infrastructure problem and lack of capacity in the air cargo transportation at Atatürk and İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen airports, 3. said that they expect to solve these problems with the airport.
    Erkeskin, Turkey 3 airport will be opening a global transshipment hub in aviation, but was told that until then a steady growth of fluctuations in the price of the issue must be resolved to continue. Noting that the single freight application must be implemented, Erkeskin stated that they expect that the significant decrease in oil prices will be reflected in the freight rates in favor of exports of goods and services.
    Erkeskin, who stated that the current capacity problems are directly reflected in the freights, is the 3. He stated that a more flexible service environment will be created with the airport and the costs will decrease and the simplicity of single freight application will increase as well as increase transparency in the sector.

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