Meram 'stamp' for 2014

Meram 'stamp' on 2014: Meram Municipality left its mark on 2014 in road paving and arrangement, surface coating, border and parquet flooring and other science works. The approximate cost of the work carried out in a one-year period was 17 million TL.
Mayor of Meram, Fatma Toru, evaluating the science of 2014; Stating that they invested about 17 million pounds last year in the concrete asphalt, surface coating, border and parquet flooring, X 2014 thousand square meters of asphalt pavement, surface paving and asphalt patch work was carried out in 746 year. The approximate cost of concrete asphalt and surface coating works is 14 million pounds. In the same period, 194 thousand m² parquet and 72 thousand meter border curtain was made. Their cost is about 3 million TL.
Approximately 17 million TL budget has been used for asphalt, border and parquet services last year. In 2015, we are going to double this effort and we aim to make an investment of about 34 million TL ağ.
The infrastructure teams of the Municipality of Meram carried out 2014 million 2 thousand square meters of sandblasting and infrastructure work in 189.
While 8 is a thousand square meters of parquet work in the new 21 neighborhood, many mosques, schools and family health centers have also arranged landscaping.
Construction teams; 2020 metaphor mesh, 5044 pcs manhole, 12 bin 435 made of retaining and retaining wall.



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