Large vulnerability in High Speed ​​Train

📩 01/12/2018 15:54

Major security flaw in High Speed ​​Train: It turned out that there is a big life safety risk in High Speed ​​Train. YHTs disappear in the signal system in the main control in blind spots. If another train is sent to that line at that moment, disaster is inevitable.
High-speed train (YHT) between Istanbul and Ankara, whose infrastructure works are not completed, has great risks at the point of life security despite 6 months. Ishak Kocabıyık, Member of the Board of Directors of the State Railways APK Specialist and the Union of United Transporters, pointed out that a new train accident could be experienced due to incomplete security measures.
Kocabıyık explained that the points where the HRC was located were followed from the main control desk in Ankara and said, ın YHT is unique; the conventional line we call a conventional signal system. It comes with YHT signal system to Ankara-Eskişehir. After Eskişehir, the YHT line signal system cannot be used. After Eskişehir, 50 miles away, another signal system is activated. 4 has a separate traffic security system, X he said.
Kocabıyık, who expressed that there were difficulties between Eskişehir and Pendik, pointed out that after changing to Eskişehir, the traffic control system had changed. In some places we call blind spots, we can't see the train, it disappears. This is a great danger. You can send a train to the top if you miss the train if there are trains in that area. ”
Kocabıyık asked, itesi How do they prevent them from being involved in an accident? I and said: ön The capacity of this line is the daily 40-45 train. The number of trains running today is 14. They've reduced, otherwise they can't. The 12-13 reciprocating train operated before this line was closed. 24 hours between Ankara and Istanbul.
Now the last train is on 19.30. In another way, they reduce the YHT speed to 50 in Eskişehir N Istanbul line. This is even the 200 mileage speeding train, falling into multiple 50 kilometers. They're doing this for no accident. These are very dangerous points and are subject to great weakness. He has to be corrected as soon as possible. Kilometre Kocabıyık reminded you that the trains under the 250 speedometer were not called the high-speed train, he gave the following information:
“The average speed of this train between Eskişehir and Pendik does not exceed 100 kilometers. The government puts everything into practice with the thought 'I did it'. It also makes it available to use as political material without completing projects.
For the efficient use of the YHT line, the Ankara-Istanbul line must carry a daily 25 passenger. This requires running a train every half an hour. Yet today there is the 7 train. The 7 train is not even able to cover the costs of security and security. This damage comes out of the pocket of the whole country and the citizens who never ride on this train. Bu
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Consultant Mustafa Ilıcalı high-speed trains can be managed from the center without putting the mechanic, he said. Ilıcalı, ist But the more security to be put on the mechanic. In the control center, not only the train, but if there is a stone falling from the outside, we can see it immediately. 24 can be watched for hours. All kinds of security is provided from the center, Her he said.
Boğaziçi University Civil Engineering Department Faculty Member Dr. Semih Tezcan said that in these electronically controlled vehicles, there may be regions where it cannot transfer the electrical circuit.
Tezcan said, “The train the Prime Minister got on was on the way, there were problems in Marmaray. These will settle over time. In many parts of the world, trains traveling at a speed of 400 kilometers are used like cheese bread.
But the most important point here is that these projects are opened before they are completed. Only 13 kilometers of Marmaray were opened. Same goes for YHT. Before YHTs start their operations in the world, sandbags are placed on the passenger seats and trial runs are made many times. Trial flights should be made with YHT ”he said.

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