YHT's new voyages created hundreds of victims

YHT's new voyages created hundreds of victims: What do you do if someone comes across and says, “I have a good and bad news:?

Which one do you want to hear first?

I prefer to use the 'bad' news, the 'good' news will be saved to the end.

I keep it to the end; Let him keep traces of the bad news and keep it in my mind.

Say 'self-deception' if you want, if you want something else.

No matter what you say, I used my preference until I was this age.

That's why I'm gonna give you the bad news.

This news is closely related to the high-speed train sector, as well as very closely.

Sir Istanbul-Ankara between the start when YHT starts;

You know it was an eventful start;

The first time was in the period of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as well as in the breakdown of Izmit.

You were on the road you knew.

Afterwards, similar cases were encountered.

What we experienced earlier was even worse.

YHT's bridge was under construction, and dozens were injured.

Some times there was a lack of money, sometimes robbery (the wires had been stolen), and the opening was postponed dozens of times.

Fortunately, these problems have diminished over time, and the journey with YHT has become pleasant.

Every ride started to be satisfied.

Until yesterday.

What happened yesterday?

YHT's timetable changed.

Without any announcements, no one knows Hem

YHT, Istanbul-Ankara flights will stop once the 4 Izmit announced.

07.30, 10.45, 13.30 and 16.30 flights departing from Istanbul were to stop at Izmit.

Indeed, it happened.

But then what happened happened, changes were made on the voyages.

To get tickets yesterday, the system was a big shock.

Every morning the 07.30 departs from Istanbul and 08.16 expires in Izmit;

Both students and employees remained in the middle.

To go to work or school each morning from Istanbul to YHT and those who came to Izmit, were surprised what to do.

Because, the time to stop in Izmit was set to depart at 10.35.

As well as the students who use YHT in order to reach the morning classes or exams;

Workers who came to work with YHT in the morning also stayed on the road, was downright victim.

Now everyone wonders why their flight time has changed.

How are the new clocks determined?

It is also curious whether this change is temporary or permanent.

If there is a permanent change;

High Speed ​​Train has no joke for Izmit.

If the students or employees who come to Izmit will not be able to benefit from this speed, what will it do, YHT?

If it will not help us, why did we suffer so much in the construction of the YHT line ...

TCDD announced that we do not have news of ours tcdd.gov.tr ​​address, you are entering, 'click' does not.

There is no indication of the time of the journey, nor anything else.

You go into the system, "These hours do not fit us, we have become victims," ​​you mean, but the system does not work, so that you communicate your complaints.

In the meantime, the return of YHT hours also affected the return.

YHT, which was previously in Izmit in 17.45, now stands at 18.23.

This gives birth to another grievance.

Those who want to leave school or go to Istanbul have to wait for hours.

In short, YHT's new voyages created hundreds of victims.

Both the students and the employees want to return to the old time.

After the bad news, the good news.

Speaking at the opening of the Konya-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line, you know that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a good news.
He explained that the line between Konya and Istanbul will provide free service for a week.

Come on then to Konya ...
Free either…

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