Theft on YHT Line (Video)

Theft in the YHT line: The thieves who entered the construction line in Kartepe Derbent tried to steal the 167 meter of the thousand 300 meter copper cable. Thieves were afraid of the train came to leave the cable cut and ran away

The high-speed train line, which has become the biggest target of the thieves due to being unprotected and covering a large area, was again attacked by thieves. Kartepe Derbent from night hours Thieves from the bridge, passing the high-speed train line and the beginning of the year from the beginning of the bath line that is expected to come into operation in the Derbent area, and the course of the cable pit 167 meter 300 meters of meters cut the copper cable.


Thieves aiming to cut all of the thousand 167 meters of cable on the track, thieves fled when they saw the freight train passing by leaving the copper cables. The freight train stopped when it hit an object on the rails. The trains stopping the train found the cut wires on the rails. The railroad and railway officers told the police. Arriving at the scene, the police teams together with the train officers.


167 meters of copper cables in the thousand 300 meters of the section was cut. 20 meter copper cables of 300 pounds of 6 thousand pounds worth of learned that the remaining part of the line will be changed while some of the cut. 300 meters of 167 meters of the cable cut by 20 meter while the thieves about XNUMX thousand pounds were found to damage the state railways.



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