Highway Work Leaves Agricultural Land Under Water

Work on the Road Flooded Agricultural Lands: Akyazı district of Sakarya, expanded by the Highways D-140 highway drainage of the field water drainage closure 2 thousand acres of cultivated land flooded. Hundreds of farmers rotted in the field of crops, farmers said that they were victimized because they could not find their interlocutors.
The expansion works on the Akyazı-Kuzuluk connection road D-140, which was completed a while ago, victimized the farmers in the region. The cultivated areas of hundreds of farmers in the Uzunçınar area were flooded. The reason for this was the closure of ditches and canals where land water was evacuated during road works.
Farmer Aziz Yildiz, who flooded the cultivated corn fields of 12 acres, said that more than 100 farmers like him had damaged thousands of TL. Yıldız said, “Before the study, water was being discharged from the channels located next to the lands. However, now all the water of the road is flowing to agricultural lands. Our fields are under water and our hands are tied ”. He said that only 15 thousand TL loss and that hundreds of thousands of TL damage occurred with the other farmers in the region and said, başvur We have applied everywhere to eliminate this grievance. We officially forwarded our complaint to Akyazı District Directorate of Agriculture and Municipality. But nobody came to us. Hundreds of people are victims here. This grievance should be resolved immediately. ” Stating that he could not harvest the corn planted in his field, Yıldız said, “The field is completely under water. I can't go in and get my corn. General Directorate of Highways left our cultivated lands under water with wrong planning. He must pay our damages and overcome this problem. Farmers who are victims here earn their bread from these fields. Kul Farmers whose land is inundated cannot get their harvested crops and cannot continue their fields before planting. Farmers who stated that they did not experience these problems before the road work, while calling for the General Directorate of Highways to compensate their losses, the Sakarya deputies want to take care of themselves.




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