Winterfest 2014 ended with Mustafa Ceceli's concert

Winterfest 2014 Ended with Mustafa Ceceli's Concert: Winterfest 2014, organized by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, ended with the concert of Mustafa Ceceli.

Winterfest 2014, organized by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, ended with the concert of Mustafa Ceceli.

Thousands of Erzurum flocked to the concert held at Palandöken Ski Center. Erzurum Governor, who participated in the ski and ice sports held for 3 days before the concert. Ahmet Altıparmak, Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits, Erzurum Provincial Police Director Kamil was given a medal by Karabörk and other officials. After presenting medals, Tülay Özer Akköse, one of the local artists, studied Erzurum folk songs for music lovers. The famous artist Mustafa Ceceli, who performed later, performed his favorite songs with his fans. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen addressed the citizens at the concert attended by about 20 thousand people. President Sekmen, who appeared on stage with intense cheering and slogans, stated the meaning and importance of the day. Thanks to the people of the city for their interest in the festival, Sekmen continued: “Thank you Erzurum. This interest and relevance you have shown made us really happy. We will continue these events. We had a promise. We will carry our Erzurum to a very good position in municipal services. Our infrastructure, superstructure, urban transformation, zoning activities and social facilities will be in a very good position. We will put great emphasis on culture, art, sports and social activities. Here we have been doing activities continuously since the day we arrived. We have events in January, there are in February, there are also in March, so we will be with you at an event every month. ”


President Sekmen stated that the region will be the center of production, trade and industry. Sekmen continued his words as follows: “I hope our Eastern Anatolia region will be the center of reproduction, trade and industry as in the past. Erzurum; will be the city of brand and vision. Erzurum; It will cover significant distances in music, cinema and theater. We will transfer our culture to all societies. Because Erzurum means brotherhood. Erzurum means peace and love. I would like to thank all my friends who contributed to the festival. Our co-workers have a share in this event, they have sweat and effort, and they will be alive. But above all, we have the support and prayer of Erzurum youth and Dadaş. ” In the night, Sekmen conveyed the greetings of all state officials, especially Reis-i Cumhur, to Erzurum. President Sekmen, who was the live guest of Tgrt Haber at the concert, made a speech to the public and announced that the name of the Winterfest 2014 mascot was a brother. The festival ended with a firework display.

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