Water pipe explodes during subway work in Istanbul

Water pipe exploded during the metro operation in Istanbul: Workers who were planning to do the metro line between Ümraniye-Göztepe exploded the water pipe belonging to İSKİ during the study conducted in Sahrayıcedit. The water rising up to the 4 floor of an apartment building with great pressure scared both the citizens and the environment.

Work in the ground line for the subway line planned to be built in Kadikoy Sahrayıcedit Workers, ISKI water pipe exploded.

The water exiting from the exploding pipe rose to an 4 floor of an apartment building. Residents and residents of the surrounding area experienced fear-filled moments in front of the 10 meter-high water.

The stones thrown by the water damaged the roadside workplaces. It was seen that water went into some of the shops. ISKI officials from the incident on the notice of the main valve by closing the water tried to cut the water.

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