Uludağ cable car will operate until 02.00:XNUMX in New Year's Eve (Video - Photo Gallery)

Uludag cable car will work until 02.00 at the beginning of the year: The cable car, which is one of the most important symbols of Bursa and renewed by the Metropolitan Municipality and transports the citizens to Uludağ with its modern face, is starting to carry passengers to the Hotel Zone from tomorrow. Mayor Recep Altepe, the new year's night if the weather conditions are suitable up to 02.00'ye cable car transportation can be provided, he said.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who signed his signature on established services in Bursa, participated in the test trips on the cable car 's access to the Hotel Area. President Altepe, adding that the cable car that will bring the center of Bursa to the Hotel Zone will provide added value to the city. Access to the Hotel Zone is now much easier in Bursa. Cable car flights between Sarıalan and Hotels Region in Uludağ are started tomorrow. Ulu

”The cable car will run until Christmas time at 02.00“
Stating that citizens will reach the Hotel Zone in a comfortable journey with the magnificent view of Uludağ, Mayor Altepe said, “After the trial expeditions, the ropeway will begin the voyages to the Hotels Zone on Tuesday (YARIN) before the New Year's Eve. If the weather conditions are suitable for the New Year's Eve, the cable car can be reached up to 02.00. Yıl

Contributing to tourism
President Altepe, Bursa is a rich city in terms of tourism, stating, u Bursa has a great value in terms of tourism. The sunken church on İznik Lake is now on the world agenda dağ Uludağ, the monk mountain, there are over a hundred monasteries here. The summit of Uludağ, which is a spiritual mountain for both Muslims and Christians, can now be reached by cable car. Citizens will come here with their skis and will be able to reach the summit in a short time. This is a great blessing, we are happy to bring the cable car to Bursa in this period, tel he said.

President Altepe pointed out that the increase in the number of tourists increased due to the fact that all transportation investments, especially BUDO, tram and helitaksi in Bursa, have been increased, da We aim to be a developed city in every aspect of Bursa. Tourism is important at this point. Tourism is also very important to be accessible. Our voyages are increasing. Yenişehir airport continues to work, the towers are made. Bursa has the capacity to make an important move in tourism. Both culture, winter sports and thermal tourism are available. Bursa, tourism is preparing to explode very soon, bir he said.



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