Uludag has opened the season, the cable car in the 10 day after the hotels area

Uludag opened the season, the ski lifts in the hotel zone 10 days later: The new season starts at Uludag Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter. With the beginning of snowfall at the summit, hoteliers said that the occupancy rate of rooms before Christmas was 90. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe AK Party, the cable car in the Hotel Zone after the 10 days will start expeditions announced.

about 40 hotel belonging to private and public in Uludag Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter, the door began to open to customers. With the approach of New Year's Eve, snowflakes also made hoteliers laugh, and the ski slopes in Uludağ started to make a profit. At the summit, where local and foreign tourists came in groups, the citizens had a lot of fun on the snow that found 10 inches.

Ağaoğlu My Resort Hotel opened its doors to its customers in Beyaz Cennet for the first time. Stating that they were crying their customers with a new face after the renovations, Hotel Manager Murat Pınarcı stated that they realized a first at the summit and said, “Our guests will enjoy the pleasure of swimming in the open area under the snowfall”. Pınarcı also said that with the onset of snowfall before Christmas, the occupancy rate in hotels reached 90 percent.

ursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe in his speech at the municipal council yesterday, the existing cable car will reach the hotels region after 10 days announced. 3 days after the purchase of the gondolas purchased for this line will start the trial, the official opening will be done in December 29 indicating that the President Altepe, so that the line from the Teferrüç Station will reach the ski slopes in the hotels region said.

Emphasizing that the works related to the cable car did not only include the extension of the line to the hotels area, it also included the transportation of a citizen who took the light rail system from any metro station to the hotel area by a single vehicle, and for this purpose, the approval of the cable car to the Gökdere Station was also at the final stage. He said that. Mayor Altepe said, “Our goal is to make this city line next summer after reaching the hotels region this month. Then, Kültürpark Station will transfer the cable car to the neighborhoods of the mountain, like Alacahırka, ”he said.

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