Cable car service to Uludag hotels began

Cable car services started to Uludağ hotels region: On the longest cable car in the world in Bursa, trips started to the hotels region. Passenger transport will begin on December 29, before the New Year.

The test drive will take a week and passenger transport will begin on December 29 before Christmas. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality officials said that in the new season, all guests will be in Uludağ in 22 minutes. Within the scope of the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to make Bursa a more accessible brand city, the cable car of the city, which has been renewed, has started test drives for the Hotels Region. The new cable car, the last station of which is Sarıalan, will be added on 29 December. The new cable car, the longest in the world, with a length of 9 kilometers, will now extend to the hotels area. Passengers getting on from the cable car station will be at the top in 22 minutes. The renewed symbol of the city was flocked by those who wanted to reach Uludağ as soon and safely as the snow thickness increased. The news that the ropeway, which is flocked by many local and foreign tourists, will reach the hotels region before the new year, made everyone happy. Stating that the preparations are continuing at full speed, the citizens said, “We hope it ends as soon as possible. We also take the cable car station and go directly to the hotels area. This will increase the demand for Uludağ, the pupil of winter tourism, even more. ”

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality officials said, “The Bursa cable car project is the longest rope air transport project in the world. The cable car, which will serve with a total of 8 cabins for 175 people, will reach the summit in 22 minutes. In this way, it has a carrying capacity of 500 thousand passengers per hour. The heights of the poles that lead to the transportation of the system vary between 395 meters and 800 meters. A total of 45 poles were built within the scope of the project. In this way, even in the weather of the lodos, whose speed is up to 70 kilometers, passengers will be carried easily without being affected by the wind ”.

On the other hand, Arab tourists, who witnessed the first test phase of the new ropeway, immortalized this moment by photographing this moment in the Hotels Region.




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