Wagons produced for Iraq will be delivered at TÜVASAŞ

📩 01/12/2018 16:22

TÜVASAŞ the cars produced will be delivered to Iraq: Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) by the Iraqi State Railways (IR) Reached the delivery process for producing 14 wagons. The delegation from Iraq for the acceptance and inspection of the wagons completed their last work at TÜVAŞAS.

The delegation from IRR's Hilla Region included Project Vice President Najah Abdulhussein Najm Al Muhana, Electro Mechanic Department Head Rakzan Yahya Jasim Sharut, Vice President of Electro Mechanic Department Amer Issa Abdulhussein Alsaegh.

Hikmet Ozturk, Deputy General Manager of TÜVASAŞ stated that the wagons will be transported to Iraq in the near future, and that the wagons designed by TÜVASAŞ are produced using the latest technology. Hikmet Öztürk stated that the 2 wagon was inspected and accepted by the Iraqi technicians with the 4 bed and the 6 wagon. shipment stage.

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