Turkey will move into the era of nano chip factory established

Turkey nano era established chip factory will carry: ASELSAN was founded in Bilkent University partnerships defense, aerospace, communications and thinner than a human hair to the energy sector and durable materials to produce Turkey's first chip factory December 23, 2014 on Tuesday, scored ceremony to be held.

The foundation of the “AB-MikroNano” company's clean rooms and the building to be built with the technologies to be tried for the first time, is planned to be laid with a ceremony to be held with the participation of Minister of National Defense İsmet Yılmaz in Bilkent Cyberpark Technopolis region.

Turkey, GaN-based chip will be manufactured at this facility thanks to defense radar, electric cars, high-speed trains and 4G / 5G capable of producing strategic technologies such as mobile phone systems 4 the world. country will rise to position.

Bilkent University Nanotechnology Research Center (NANOTAM) President and General Manager of AB-MikroNano company Prof. Dr. Ekmel Özbay told AA correspondent that ASELSAN and NANOTAM have developed many technologies on nano and micro technologies for many years.

Produced the results obtained from the chip, the results come out above the targeted performance ASELSAN and Bilkent management of voicing decided to establish a joint company in this regard Ozbay, the company in Turkey with start production capable of commercial nano-micro chip production in this field in the world announced that it would rise to 4 country.

The company was founded with an investment of $ 30 million transfer Ozbay, "Our company will be an example to Turkey in terms of university-industry cooperation. first putting under his hand a university in Turkey and with industry to commercialize the technology developed at the university enters this kind of cooperation. 'Spin-off' finds the number of such high-tech tens of thousands of companies in the United States and called Turkey's importance in terms of development and very roomy for "the assessment found.

The first commercial chip factory in Turkey

the technology developed in the laboratory, once upon a time but can imagine the emergence of the product in a factory, but these dreams to reality that expresses Ozbay, "We were always talking about so far: 'Make our jobs, will be turned into commercial products, Turkey will prosper' we were saying, but he did have a kind. We have now done this. We are laying the foundation of the production facility of the company, which was established in November 2014 with a 50% -50% partnership of ASELSAN and Bilkent University. Turkey's commercial sense we will be producing the first chip companies, "he said.

Pointing to the strategic importance of micro nano chips for the development of the defense, space, aviation and energy sectors, Özbay said, “We will make much more advanced chips of the chips that Turkey buys and sometimes cannot supply even if it wanted to. Thus, Turkey will become a country that can develop high value-added technological products. Nanotechnology-based products to be produced by the company will also be exported. We will produce high value-added products as we develop the technology ourselves. So Turkey put a 10 kazanIt is entering an industry that will not be used," he said.

Özbay stated that the company took the name AB-MikroNano based on the letter A in ASELSAN and the letters B in Bilkent University.

We have achieved the technological level that competes with the world

Professor Dr. Özbay, together with ASELSAN, has been developing materials on gallium nitrate technologies for the last 10 years, that the chips made with this material have been able to work with very high temperatures and very low temperatures, so it is strategically important to develop products in almost all electronics sectors, especially in defense, space and energy. he stressed. Özbay said, “We have achieved a technological level that competes with the world with the works we have done within the scope of projects supported by SSM, MSB R&D, TÜBİTAK and the Ministry of Development.”

By using nano technology and micro technology, which allows the production of materials that are much thinner and more durable than a hair fiber, very superior properties to the chips kazanPointing out that they are working, Özbay said that they can increase the power of the chips 10-100 times.

Özbay said that these chips will enable the rapid development of 4G-5G technologies in communication.

These chips will make the defense shield

Turkey's chip will be manufactured at the facility "defense shield" project will also be used in the energy sector and transfer of Ozbay, he said:

"Will also be used in radar defense is critical to chip in Turkey. Thanks to the technology we have developed, the power of these radars will increase 5-10 times and their range of vision will extend beyond our limits. These defense radar systems will be produced by ASELSAN. The company will also develop chips for the needs of TUSAŞ, Meteksan Defense, TÜBİTAK Space and similar Turkish defense, aerospace and space industry organizations.

Chips will also be used in the energy industry. Energy losses of up to 4 percent will be eliminated when the voltage is raised (raised or decreased) 5-20 times during the transportation of solar energy, hydroelectric power plants or wind energy. Thus Turkey with a sense of existing facilities will have gained 20 percent more electrical power. "

Professor Dr. Ekmel Ozbay, Turkey has added a lot of importance to the high-speed trains and electric car technology they plan to use a new generation of high-power chips, and thus will become the situated electric motor in this system much more powerful and efficient the words.

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