Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits of Erkan Mountain Ski Resorts

Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits Erkan Mountain Ski Resorts in: Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits, Erzincan Erkan Mountain Ski Resort in the investigations found.

Following the visit to the Erzincan Governor of Erzincan MUSIAD building meeting room with the participation of public institutions and managers Turkey Ski Federation President after a meeting düzenlendi.yapıl meeting by Erol Benefits of visiting Erzincan Municipality benefits, then Erzincan to make observations Erkan went to the mountain ski resort.

The review and meetings in Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits In addition to Erzincan Governor Süleyman Hero, Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy, Erzincan Chief Public Prosecutor Hosni Aldemar AK Party Erzincan Deputy Sebahattin Karakelle and numerous public institutions, joined the organization managers.

Having been associated with the name Erkan Mountain sharing investments and what can be done later collected by MUSIAD building Speaking at the meeting held at the conference hall of Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits found the following opinions; "When I came to kalkınmasıdır.erzincan our Our whole affair countries How can we reconstruct this city he baktım.b this profession countries to development in a large enstürü financing as görüyorum.erzinc the back şehir.d an unseen Turkey's ski map, wherein a perception management shortcoming of our var.çünk Erzincan so investment And even a businessman who has been dealing with skiing for 40 years like me does not see this place as a ski center. If we have a mistake here, we have to look at Ergan that there is a mistake in his promotion.

Sweden and the ski federation treaty made between the getireceğiz.b of the best coaches in the world, Turkey will do so after immunization with the Swedish model in our national team.

Skiing is a science. It has a technology. Ski Tourism greatest potential, which is very important modeldir.b in Erzincan available 48 other provinces in geçerli.y new potential such as Turkey in 48 provinces of Erzincan sahip. up in Turkey in yok.dog who knows a motor tasks of development in this field in Turkey Unfortunately, the region of Erzurum is a sad example for us. Much investment has been made but the desired efficiency has not been achieved. But this work will be done with this knowledge. This 1700 bed capacity in Erzincan is a very important capacity, but this 1700 bed capacity should meet the ski formation.

We need to present local values ​​to people. Industrialization should not always be a target, and every region has its own potential. ”

After the meeting, the delegation went to Ergan Ski Facilities to go to the ski resort to reach the ski resort via gondola and went to the 2 sides of the facility by Chairlift and made inquiries and conducted information studies.

Süleyman Kahraman, the Governor of Erzincan, who made a statement in the 2nd stage of the facility, made the following views; "Our aim in examining this place is to introduce to the public how efficient our facilities can be.

Another person delegation made a statement at the facility in Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits are found in these opinions; "This saw is very useful oldu.çünk of the project this mountain for me to see the mountains and the mountain of meth much duydum.b come to the mountain can say with confidence the first time bestowed on it as a man who oldu.40 years ski this mountain of the most beautiful mountain can be made Turkey's skiing One of them, this mountain is a beautiful gift of Allah to Erzincan. But if you look at it, if you look at it, it will be a mountain. This mountain has more ways to take it.It has very large capacities. We can make modern snow systems and overcome the season much earlier. We have the necessary infrastructure for the day and night. Alışıyoruz.türkiye 48 in the province of mümkündür.bun One of the most important skiing erzincan'dır.o herald good news so as Erzincan then manually troops will endeavor to fill this potential. "He said.

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