Konya's 2014 traffic accident report

Konya's 2014 traffic accident report: 2014 people died in 133 from traffic accidents. 986 people were injured in accidents. In 2014, the most accidents occurred in July.
The citizens are losing thousands of lives every year in traffic accidents in Turkey. Traffic accidents continued to die this year. Many citizens lost their lives this year due to carelessness, excessive speed and rule violations. Referring to accidents in Turkey in recent years made 88 percent of defects driver, pedestrian 9 percent, while the remaining portion of 3 percent of road transport and passenger appears to have originated.
According to official figures that occurred in Turkey in 2013 161 thousand 306 fatal injuries as a result of traffic accidents 3 thousand 685 people were injured while the 274 thousand 829 people lost lives. In Konya, a total of 2013 thousand 6 traffic accidents occurred in 450, 135 people died in the accidents. According to the unofficial research, 2014 people lost their lives in traffic accidents in Konya in 133. Nearly 1000 people were injured in accidents.
The increase in traffic accidents in 2014 did not go unnoticed. The most fatal accident occurred in July. While 25 people lost their lives in the accidents that took place in this month when the heat was at the highest level, 216 people were injured. While there was a heavy accident in the summer months, this statistic overturned an accident in October. 45 people lost their lives as a result of the overthrow of the minibus, which was taken from Ortaköy village, Atsuz village of Akşehir district of Konya and Asıl Mahallesi of Akşehir, carrying 16 casual workers who went to Gelendost to collect apples.
- The car, which went off the road on the Aksaray-Adana highway, rolled over and hit the truck. The drivers of both vehicles died in the accident. Passing the opposite lane, the car hit the cabin of the TIR under the direction of Bestami Uzun. The drivers of both vehicles died at the scene in the accident. The corpses of the drivers were removed to the morgue of Ereğli State Hospital.
The mother and her daughter had a traffic accident. In Konya, the driver of the car, who was struck behind the wheat-loaded truck, died at the scene, while the 13-aged daughter was rescued by firefighters from where she was stuck.
- The 15 TIR, 2 bus and 4 cars interlocked because of icing and fog. 1 people died and 28 was injured in the accident.
FEBRUARY (3 Dead 38 Injured)
- Toll road accident, 1 dead. In Konya, the woman wanted to cross the rails and died as a result of the tram. In other accidents, 38 was injured.
MART (10 Dead 30 Injured)
The 20-age college student who tried to jump from the barriers to the crossing of the road was killed by the truck. Accident, Seljuk district of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the New Istanbul Highway occurred.
- Run engine 2 took life. The old woman who wants to cross the road in Konya hit the race engine. The old woman was killed at the scene, the motorcycle driver was removed in the hospital.
Accident at the AK Party election convoy: 1 dead, 4 injured. In the traffic accident that took place in the election convoy of the AK Party in Konya, 1 member of the Seljuk Youth Branch died and 4 were injured.
- He died in a motor race. Konya, Eregli district, allegedly competing with his friends 18-year-old teenager killed by using the motorcycle hit the barrier.
-The woman who hit the street lost her life. Kaza, Sakarya tram stop on the New Istanbul Street between the Technical High School stop occurred. The tram, which makes a Alaaddin-Kampus voyage made by Ramazan D., was hit by Hatice Bilir (30) who wanted to cross over the tracks. Citizens called to the scene, the health officials, determined that the woman died.
-Two vans collided head-on, 1 dead, 7 injured. 1 person was killed and 7 injured in the accident where two pickups collided head-to-head in Derebucak.
APRIL (18 Dead 70 Injured)
- Crashing 9 people killed in a traffic accident, 11 people were injured as well. Accident, Konya-Afyonkarahisar highway 40. kilometers occurred near the town of Sarayönü. TIR, which is under the direction of Halil Ibrahim Esen on the direction of Afyonkarahisar, crossed the lane towards the divided road and hit the passenger van which was carrying passengers to Konya from Sarayönü district. Following the minibus, Sebahattin Özşuray (42), who came after him, was hit by a car-loaded tractor.
- 5 people lost their lives in a car accident where the car collided head to head and 4 was injured. Kaza, Karatay district between the Bakırtolu and Hayıroğlu neighborhoods occurred in the Channel Boyu.
2 car crashed in a traffic accident near Akşehir district and 1 was killed and 3 was injured.
The driver of the car that crashed into the pole died. The driver of the car hit the direction sign post, while the 3 was injured.
MAY (11 Dead 73 Injured)
- The midibus bearing the students was overthrown, the 17 was injured. 1 heavy 17 people were injured in a traffic accident that occurred as a result of rolling the midibus to the stockade.
-3 The vehicle interlocked. A passenger bus and two cars involved in a chained traffic accident killed 1, 4 people were injured.
Cars rolled over, 1 dead, 2 injured. In the traffic accident that occurred as a result of the car breaking out of control in Ereğli, 1 person died and 2 people were injured.
-Konya motorcycle collision with the truck as a result of a traffic accident, motorcycle driver lost his life.
JUNE (10 Dead 93 Injured)
- The car, which is cruising from Konya to Afyonkarahisar direction, hit the truck with a plate coming behind it while returning to the opposite lane to pass the road construction works area in Akşehir. 1 person died in a traffic accident.
- The truck went down to the prayer, 1 dead, 2 wounded. In Konya, a scraped truck slammed into pedestrians after hitting the parked 3 vehicle. The incident occurred in the town of Meram on the Karaman Street in the district of Caybasi. In the accident, a doctor who went to Friday prayers, was found next to the injured 2 people.
-A person died in a car that rolled over in a traffic accident that occurred on the 38th kilometer of Konya Beyşehir Highway.
- The person on the bike who was hit by the car in Ereğli died. The 63-year-old bicycle driver, who was seriously injured as a result of hitting the electric bike, died in the hospital where he was removed.
-Kulu district, carrying the seasonal workers in the plateau as a result of the overthrow of the minibuses 19 people, including children were injured.
-Selçuklu district of Adana on the way of the driver lost control of the driver as a result of losing control of the car in the middle medial tree. 1 people died in the accident, 1 people were injured.
-The car's driver, who got out of control at the roundabout, lost his life by getting out of the glass.
JULY (25 Dead 216 Injured)
A car was thrown into the stockade in the town of Antalya-Antalya highway, the 2 was killed and the 1 was injured.
-Fucker accident: 3 dead, 1 injured. 3 was killed in a traffic accident that occurred as a result of the collision of the car with the tanker. After the accident, the citizens gathered at the scene and closed the highway with TIR. The gendarmerie tried to stop the crowd, who wanted to lynch a driver who reacted to them because they had closed the road, by shooting into the air.
-TIR and worker service collided, 14 injured. As a result of the collision between the truck and agricultural workers in Akşehir, 1 people were injured, 14 of whom were heavy.
- 3 children died and 3 people were injured in a traffic accident that occurred as a result of the overturning of a car in Akşehir.
- Student service collided with the car, 11 injured. 9's child 11 was injured in a traffic accident that occurred as a result of a car collision with a service van carrying the students of the summer Koran course.
- 1 person died and 4 people were injured in a traffic accident that occurred in Ereğli.
-Isparta-Konya highway on the head as a result of the collision of two vehicles in the accident occurred 6 people died.
-When the driver of the car carrying the returners from the holiday visit broke the steering wheel to avoid hitting the dog on the road, 1 person, 2 people died and 6 people were injured.
- 4 people were injured in 4 of them in a chain traffic accident involving 18 vehicles.
AUGUST (13 Dead 122 Injured)
-The family allegedly used without permission from the tractor 12-year-old child, lost control of the tractor died as a result of overturning.
- 20 people were injured in the accident that occurred as a result of a collision between the passenger midibus and the car in Akşehir.
- 1 people were killed and 1 was wounded when the truck hit the motorcycle. The accident occurred in the neighborhood of the district of Karatay Tatlıcak.
6 was injured in a traffic accident that occurred as a result of the car collision with the minibus.
Kaza, Karatay district Fetih Mahallesi Fetih Street at the intersection of Alaaddin Kap Street occurred at the intersection.
The father and the baby in the womb died in an accident. In a traffic accident that occurred as a result of a collision of cars and light commercial vehicles in Seydişehir, the father and mother's baby died and 4 people were injured.
- 2 people died and 3 people were injured in the traffic accident that occurred as a result of a collision between a car and a truck loaded with tomatoes in Büyük.
- The marble vehicle on the truck crashed, 2 dead. 10 people died and 2 people were injured as a result of the 3-ton marble in the truck dropped on the car after the car, in which an expatriate family was involved, collided with the truck.
SEPTEMBER (6 Dead 146 Injured)
- The 1 was killed and 15 was injured as a result of a collision between the TIR and the bus carrying the Turistian head.
- The midibus carrying the apple workers was overturned, 29 injured. 29 people were injured as a result of the overturn of the midibus carrying workers who went from Akşehir to Isparta's Gelendost district to collect apples.
-Paged Dede lost his life. The homeless old man, known as the "Grandfather of the Bag" in Konya, died under the bus. The accident occurred at the Konya Intercity Bus Terminal. While the driver of the passenger bus moved back to go in the direction of Izmir, he hit and passed over the lonely old man, nicknamed the "Grandfather with Bag", on the back of the bus. After the locals realized the accident, the medical teams called to the scene determined that the old man who was under the bus died. After the safe, it was revealed that the person known as “Dede in Bag” and “Garip” was Mehmet Keleş, 75 years old, that the old man had more than 1 million TL in two bank accounts.
OCTOBER (19 Dead 44 Injured)
-Konya-Aksaray motorway in the road traffic as a result of the tumble of a traffic accident in the 1 people were killed, 6 people were injured.
1 people were injured in the traffic accident that occurred as a result of a head-on collision between two cars in Seydişehir.
- 14 people were injured as a result of a truck collision with a van carrying workers in Yunak.
- They died on the way to collect. 16 people lost their lives as a result of the overthrow of the midibus carrying workers going to collect apples from the districts of Isparta of Konya province. 22 personality after the incident appeared to be put on the 46 person on the bus.
NOVEMBER (5 Dead 63 Injured)
- The driver escaped after the car crashed to 56-year-old Kemal Gözet, who was cruising by bicycle in Beyşehir. Kemal Gözet, who was disconnected with the severity of the collision and was stuck in the wiper of the vehicle, died at the scene. The person named AY, who searched for the police during the investigations of the police trying to identify the license holder from the license plate of the car that had fallen to the scene, had surrendered to the police, claiming that he had committed the accident. It turned out that the driver who killed the person on the bike and escaped with the foot attached to the wiper after the person broke off was the son of the person who surrendered to the police.
RANGE (5 Dead 25 Injured)
- One person lost his life and 1 injured in a traffic accident that occurred as a result of the TIR hitting the minibus waiting in the red light in Sarayönü.
- The driver of the car thrown into the channel was lost. Ömercan Hadraloğlu (23), the automobile, Sakyatan in the position of the driver lost his dominance over the irrigation channel to overturn. Hadraloğlu lost his life after the accident.
-The plate truck, which is on the way to Kadinhanı, was overthrown on the icy ground as the driver lost control of the wheel. Zehra Yaşayan (62) was killed in the accident.
- While the shoemakers in Selçuklu district wanted to cross the road near the tram stop, the person who remained under the tram died. The citizen named Nuri Altun was under the tram when he wanted to jump off the railing and cross the road. Altun, who was taken out from under the tram by fire and medical teams, was taken to NEÜ Meram Medical Faculty Hospital. Despite all the interventions, Altun could not escape.

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