Minibus does not work in the location of the tram

Where the tram minibus work: who work on electrical transportation systems in Turkey and Germany, in Kocaeli "Professor of Transportation" We put the tram affair with Nurettin abut the table. Professor Dr. Nurettin Abut, “The minibus and bus should not work in the location where the tram runs. With the described route, unfortunately 10 is the way to go in minutes, but 30 will get you there in minutes. Açık

1) Tram, city traffic will be a cure?
Tramway is one of the vehicles used in public transportation. If planned correctly, moving with real data will relieve the traffic problem even if it does not completely solve it. It's too late for me. The tram should also be integrated into future transportation systems. Where will it be extended if extended? Where will be integrated with the tram if the subway will be built? After 20 years, people will go from Istanbul to Izmit with Efe Tur? It is not true that a tram is not done. But how to do it? Where to do it? These are the questions that need to be answered.

2) How do you evaluate the described route? Is this the right itinerary for the tram that is described as running between Seka Park-Bus Station?
This route has a very distressed point of 3. The transition from the fair to the new governorship, the transition from the governor's office to M. Ali Pasha and the Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard and Yahya Skipper to the bus station geçiş These must be corrected. If corrected, 10 reaches the destination in minutes and takes at least half an hour if not corrected. It takes even more.

3) How to make a correction on this route. How do you solve the problem?
From Seka Park to the Bus Station, 5-6 will go through the main artillery. He had to go through the crossroads where there were less level crossings, maybe crossing. Because the main arteller will stop traffic while passing the tram. Either the tram will give way to cars, or the cars will give way to the tram. 10 alternatively called this route was chosen. Selected according to what? Cost analysis is just one of the criteria in project planning. Tram is projected according to need. If the passenger capacity is low in the public transport route, the different routes may be evaluated if more are on other routes. First, passenger counts should be made.

4) Counting. Even figures are known.
There are very few passengers traveling from Seka Park to the bus station. There are a lot of people who come from Seka Park and want to go to Umuttepe who want to come into the city in the East and in the South. On this route, however, there is no 10 of the people you say.
Daily 16 said thousand people are doing. However, this number needs to be analyzed well. In the period of Sefa Bey in 1998, we made these counts on the roads. I have not found the figures described very realistic.

5) Izmit Izmit Izmit Sirmen, how the project was prepared. You were in that project team, weren't you?
Sefa Bey, to me, a different political-world view of a human, but the right to eat, a great project was prepared. Tram going from Hereke to Yalova. A tram project was designed to include the Gulf with all its districts. As Kocaeli University, we served as consultant to Izmit Mayor Sefa Sirmen.
Even after the Kandıra Junction, Yahya has an underpass on the way to the Captain and goes to Konak Hospital and Sporium. That was the road to the rail system. Highways had struggled not to build this structure for days. So we insisted that the rail system would pass from here and that structure was established. It was delayed the project 6 months of roads but it was founded in the structure. Connection to the bus station. A tramway project was being prepared to pass through the Otogar and connect to Karamürsel via Köseköy, Yuvacık, Kullar, Bahçecik, Yeniköy and Gölcük. It does not even compare to today's project proj

6) How many kilometers does the tram travel?
Up to 70 km per hour. But on the route determined by the municipality, the speed falls to 30 km. Mehmet Ali Pasha'ya going places in the streets, passing through the corners, there is a route. As I said at the beginning, three distressed points make this tram very slow. The arrival time is too long.

7) Would the tram, in this state, solve our urban traffic?
If the minibus, bus and minibus carrying passengers in the city will be an alternative, but the minibus and bus continue to solve the problem. If you say that the tram on the similar route to work as well as solve the problem will cause you to become more and more intractable.

8) How is that, teacher? Are you saying there should be no other public transport on the tram route?
There is no other public transport vehicle on the tram route anywhere in the world. In Ankara and Istanbul, there is no other public transportation vehicle in the tram route. The formula for special vehicle transitions can be produced. If the tram is an alternative to the traditional public transportation, why is the minibus still going from here?

9) Can the political will make a bold decision and only the tram will pass through this route? Can the minibuses not pass?
The political will may not show this courage. I'm not going into political matters. The President of the minibus co-operative, Mr. Mustafa Kurt, opposed. He's right. Many people earn their living from here. If you remove the minibuses on the tram route without producing an alternative, you will be like closing a factory. You must produce an alternative. Or you must partner minibuses to the operation of the tram. There is an area in the West called Traffic Engineering. This work is done by the city planners, the company representatives who make the transportation, the traffic engineers together and the decision is taken together. But I see the work done here that the municipality did on its own. I don't know, but I don't think there's anything asked at the university. The Minibus Cooperative was not asked anything.

10) Tram 180 said it would cost millions. Do you think this figure is realistic?
If I answer this question, I'll make a policy. If you like, check out how much the Carrefour Bridge costs. The 180 tramway cost me a lot more than a million. Maybe they pronounced it as a prediction, but I don't find the figure so real.



In 1963, he was born into a family of Azerbaijani Turks who were Caucasian immigrants. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Van.
She graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department at Yildiz University in 1983. She completed her master's degree and 1983-1985 in the same university at 1985-1988. In 1988, he conducted research and studies on electric motor trains at research centers of AEG Bahntechnik and Magnetbahn mbH in Germany and Berlin Technical University laboratories in Germany (Berlin).

1986 has taught many courses in the field since its foundation; carried out research project; He advised many graduate and doctorate thesis. He served as the Head of Research Unit for Electric Motor and Drive Systems. Professor Dr. Abut is still working at Kocaeli University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering. He is married and has three children. Dr. Abut speaks English.



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