Tramway get better

Tramway is auspicious: Chipped Stone Age, Polished Stone Age, Tulip Period, Booty Era, we're going to the era of the tram transfer.
We used to have a railroad, we closed it. We even destroyed the building of a tiny historical railway station on the road to Famagusta, Nicosia, with great pleasure to expand its path.
As we built the same Noah's Ark Hotel, we destroyed the Azize Thekla Chapel.
The railway station in front of the Peyak stores in Nicosia is made of yellow stone and has been abandoned to its fate.
Why didn't they break it up to now?
Probably because there's no history.
Now we've settled our country traffic came to the tram.
What do you need for the tram?
A Vatman who could use it. Or an unmanned controlled wagon.
”Tram Driver Schools Okul
It's a railroad line where he can go.
Stops and waiting banks.
Convenient traffic lights at intersections where the tram will cross.
Ticket system.
The system to turn the tram in the axis.
Scissors intersections.
Expert team to repair and maintain.
High-voltage line and non-cutting electricity to move the tramway on the line.
I do not want to think that the tram has cut off its electricity because electricity is not paid.
Rail-grinding vehicle and crew to control rails.
Team and security camera systems to clean the interior of the tram and stops.
Expert security team to monitor all the screens from the center during the course of the tram.
Daily, weekly and monthly subscription tickets and the machines that sell or read them.
We have also established the uk Tram Accident Prevention Association d.
We now have to find passengers to take the tram.
We're driving into the supermarket and we're going to take a tram.
Even the students have the latest model cars.
Go to a thousand tram. No way..
Our tram will only appeal to a specific profile.
Let's make our account good.
Of course, there is a construction period.
There will be pits on the roads in the heart of our cities. Cars in the axle will not stay.
This work will last for years and will never end as new stations will be added in the line. A bırak Tramway Road Construction cak will begin in the country and four of the five cores will be inherited to the new generations.
A new job site will open.
Work on the tram way.
Ancient massacres will begin in our historical and ancient cities.
However, there are also trams going on the airborne magnetic rails.
Why should we do them?
Or teleport.
Haaa, I think of something else.
Did you know that the city of Nuremberg is a tram in Antalya?
Did you see? I saw it and got on it.
Traffic accidents also caused many times (newspapers)
And you know where these trams come from?
I know..
Yes, of Nuremberg.
Did you also know that I had a remote contribution to the arrival of the first tram to Antalya?
Already warn the TRNC Tram Acquisition and Pocket Money Throwing Committee.
If I want, I will bring a tram to the country as a donation. I have contacts and I trust.
I'il put it on my head.
But I'm not gonna get the committee to worry.
I do not have eye on the commission you will get comfortable .. When the tram line is made will enter your pocket ..
Tram Revolution, good luck ...

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 15:53

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